Is your mind or emotions creating patterns and behaviours that sabotage you and create disharmony in your life?

Unconscious, or even conscious, patterning and behaviours are created from stress, fear, anxiety, trauma and/or grief.

Such information can be stored in your body which can sabotage your well being, health and physical body.   Leading to dis-ease, ailments and/or physical pain.

Yet too it can be held in your mind or nervous system which then sabotages our mental well being and positive self relationship.  Resulting in anxiousness, fatigue, irritability, sadness, depression, doubt and a lack of self worth or self confidence.

This patterning can even burden both your body and mind.

If you are unconsciously holding onto negative patterning; you are likely to be…

  • overthinking and doubting yourself and your decisions;
  • feeling anxious, unhappy or fearful;
  • lacking confidence, self belief, self worth, self value and self love;
  • attracting toxic / negative situations, relationships, friendships and work environments;
  • inadequate with healthy boundaries or not keeping boundaries with others;
  • feeling stuck and that your life isn’t flowing;
  • seek validation from external sources;
  • feeling tired, lacking energy, vitality and motivation;
  • have addiction patterns (alcohol, sugar, smoking, drugs, negative emotions);
  • hindering or block their goals and not achieving what you desire;
  • are feeling out of balance and not enjoying life;
  • are putting others and their needs before their own;
  • experiencing physical ailments and/or tension;
  • holding onto weight or feeling heavy;
  • have a disease or re-occurring healthy issue; and
  • not physically healing quickly.

At The Inner Sage Australia, we work with people to release unconscious (and conscious) negative patterning , triggers and blocks.  Such information which is creating an energy imbalance bringing about what they don’t want in life.

This is achieved by supporting you to achieve new awareness; which in turn creates new energy and supports the brain to start to rewire and change.

They are finding it difficult to let go and make change, yet they know something has to shift as they are sick of living life the way they have been.

Results our clients have achieved are:

  • identifying and clearing patterns they weren’t aware of;
  • moving towards and achieving their goals;
  • feeling more confident, at ease and calm;
  • a sense of peace, balance and well being;
  • increased energy, motivation and vitality;
  • internal validation rather than seeking it externally;
  • feeling happier as well as increasing their resilience and self worth
  • reduction or full release of physical pain and tension;
  • a positive change or resolve of physical symptoms.

Kinesiology is a truly holistic modality which works on three aspects of a person’s being (most modalities at best work on two); being we work to align your energy physically, mentally and spiritually. This means that the work we do tends to be lasting.

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Located in Randwick, Sydney Australia, both Skype and face to face sessions are available.  To make an appointment click here:

As with our logo (the lighthouse), our purpose is to guide our clients ~ light the pathway forward to achieve their goals and desires.  Creating a safe passageway which also identifies (and clears) the blocks and sabotages that are impeding them from creating or achieving what they want.

We also help people align to their own inner light so their energy is at a higher vibration in order to manifest and receive.

We do this via various methods yet collectively we support our clients to connect with their own innate wisdom and healing ability.  Assisting them in achieving vitality, balance and bliss on all three levels of health.

Science is now backing up what many have known for years; that not only does the brain record and store emotions, fears, traumas and memories, so too does our body – right down to the cellular level.

To make true and lasting change then we must not only clear and align our mind, we must also clear and align the physical and spiritual aspects of ourselves.  It was Plato who said:  “The cure of any part should not be attempted without treatment of the whole.”

muscle testing

Kinesiology – using your body wisdom to achieve balance

We sincerely want to empower our clients so they can elevate their personal power and be in the “now”.  Thus enabling them to have a greater range of choice.

Wayne Dyer said  ” Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made”, therefore the more choices we have, the greater the options we give ourselves.

We simply facilitate our clients journey by creating a space where they can formulate their goals / desires / aspirations; and safely expose what is hindering them from achieving this.  All the way acquiring insights, tools and information which shift, align and elevate their energy to have congruency.

Such congruency enables them create and manifest what they want … as well as beyond that.   To achieve this, at The Inner Sage, we use various techniques such as:

  • PKP Kinesiology incl. Kinergetics & Neuro Energetic Kinesiology
  • Psychic Medium Insight (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience)
  • Life Coaching
  • NLP
  • Reiki / Energy Healing
  • Forensic Healing
  • Traditional Management Principles

Please refer to our individual modality pages for more information.

Whilst each service / technique can be individually used, most sessions will be a combination of techniques as your sessions is specifically tailored to your needs.

It is our experience that a person will achieve what they desire when they are aligned as per the well being triad – physically, mentally and spiritually.  Depending on your needs and what you want to achieve, will depend on which technique  is best suited for you.  If unsure, we recommend using your intuition (or ours).

To support the work we do, we also stock high quality products such as, Resonate Essences, Crystals and Therapeutic Essential oils, aimed at helping you achieve balance and well being.

Who is a typical client?

Our clients are individuals who are open to working from a physical, spiritual and mental perspective, and understand how powerful this can be to invoke the change they crave for.

Such individuals may:

  • Want to feel secure, confident and at peace within themselves
  • To feel balanced, calm and that life is flowing
  • Desire increased energy levels
  • To have internal validation, self love and acceptance
  • Want to make decisions and trust in them
  • Support to deal with life’s major change/s
  • Desire clarify regarding their current relationship
  • Want to attract supportive, respectful and safe relationships
  • Want to move forward from past relationships
  • Need life to flow and be engaged in life
  • have physical pain they want to release.


The Inner Sage Australia was founded in July 2003.  Located in Randwick, Sydney Australia, both Skype and face to face sessions are available.  To make an appointment click here:

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