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Courage to let yourself be known

Recently a dear and close friend recommended a book to me called “Getting to Commitment”.  I bought the book out of sufferance thinking to myself “I don’t have commitment issues”.  Well not until best friend laughed hysterically at that comment.

What I came to realise as I read this book was that commitment doesn’t just relate to a romantic relationships.  Commitment relates to partners, friends, children, careers and goals.

For me this book was, and still is, life changing. One of the many things that resonated with me is what the author refers to as is “letting yourself be known”.   To let yourself be known is to have courage to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions as well as allowing others to do the same.


As a normal rule I keep my inner thoughts, feelings and opinions to myself.  Particularly when I am upset.  Recently, mindful of changing a behaviour that wasn’t particularly beneficial,  I beared my soul.  I was open and honest in a loving way about how I was feeling, however it still cost me what I thought was a close friend.

So when a different circumstance arose where a friend had, what I considered a skewed perception regarding a situation, I was hesitant to share my thoughts and knowledge.  I was concerned that speaking my truth would cause me to loose her friendship.

Ultimately as difficult as it was for me, I realised if speaking my truth (with love and respect) costs me her friendship, so be it.  Mindful that letting myself be known was a two way street. Hence I would have to give her the chance to respond.  I didn’t have to agree or like what she had to say, however I did have to (at the very least) respect her right to “be known” and be open to receiving her point of view.

It takes courage to stand true to what you believe in.  Your thoughts, your perspective and viewpoints.  It’s easier to be swayed by the popular vote or by the person who takes the more righteous stance or even by fear.

There is vulnerability is letting yourself be known.  Because in doing so you expose what is close to your heart.  Which means you open yourself to being hurt.  However there is also much empowerment in being vulnerable, because ultimately you are being true to yourself.

Nelson Mandela said “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear”.  Courage is a skill and like any skill the more we practice it, the more it develops until it becomes second nature.

Hydrated Light Bodies

Are your Light Bodies dehydrated?

Energy workers are also known as light workers, aptly described due to the energies and frequencies they work with including those of the aura.  The aura is a composition of seven layers known as light bodies.

Through Barbara Ann Brennan’s work, and as described in her book “Hands of Light”, the auric bodies are described as light waves, which like the physical body are composed of fluid like substances.

What is lesser known is that just as the physical body may become dehydrated so too can the light bodies.

Light bodies and the physical body

Each light body encompasses and penetrates the one/s resonating below it, right to and including the physical body.  It is thought that the structure of each light body contains the anatomy of the physical body.  Anatomy such as blood vessels, organs, etc albeit in energetic form.

If the light bodies resemble and imitate the physical body then it would make sense that they too require nutrients, energy and balance for optimum performance and efficiency.  Yet too there are other parallels which give support as to why our light bodies can become de-hydrated.

When a person is physically at higher altitudes their body requires specific care as it is more susceptible to being dehydrated as well as loosing nutrients.  This is because water evaporates at a quicker rate the higher we go yet too due to breathing faster and more deeply.  Higher altitude could be an analogy for working with higher energetic frequencies; in that when we do our body and light bodies can easily become dehydrated.

Consider the metaphysics of water; it symbolises adaptability, purity, fertility, healing and cleansing. Water is associated with emotions, intuitiveness as well as the feminine aspects of ourselves.  When dehydrated it is symbolic of the lack of nurturing oneself and/or that the person is thirsting for something.

Most (if not all) light workers are empath’s;  they are considered sensitive and/or emotional, they often pick up on others emotions, ailments and energy.   They work with higher frequency healing vibrations and give readily to others often before themselves.   They are the epitome of what water symbolises and thus are often dehydrated not only physically yet more importantly on one or more of the light bodies.

Symptoms of a dehydrated system

Whilst light workers are aware of the need to look after their physical body, more often than not they aren’t aware that their light bodies require care also.   To know if your light body is dehydrated you will experience several of the following:

  • do not have enough endurance and/or fatigue easily
  • may find it more difficult to sense energy
  • energetic information is not as clear
  • find energy work is tiring
  • have fluctuations in energy
  • crave sweets and/or carbohydrates
  • are susceptible to colds and flu’s
  • are moody
  • have moment of feeling dizzy

Fluids are the best way to hydrate our physical body.  So too with the light bodies, albeit with a different type of fluid product, that of energy.  This also gives reason as to why it is important that energy workers regularly receive some type of energetic work!

Methods to keep or re-hydrate

In Kinergetics there is a specific Light Bodies correction which I personally found to be one of the most effective ways for re-hydrating the light bodies.  However there are other methods that light workers can use such as:

  • Meditating regularly, ideally making it a daily practice
  • Starting your day with a spiritual practice
  • Receiving energetic balances regularly
  • Using Resonate Essences and sprays
  • Routinely protecting and cleansing your energy
  • Visiting the beach, mountains or bush often
  • Listen to music, sing and/or dance

When dehydrated, just as the physical body will endeavour to maintain health by decreasing some of the body’s processes (making them less effective).  Our light bodies do the same although it is the access of energy and flow of the higher vibrational energy which is not as effective.

With regular, devoted actions to nurturing all aspects of ourselves we can ensure we are working optimally, not just for ourselves yet also for others.

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