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Feeling great…How Kinesiology can still benefit you

Many of my clients will say “I’m feeling great, I don’t think I need to come” or “I’m not sure what we can work on”.  This is fantastic as it means Kinesiology is working for them!  However it also made me realise that there is a misconception that kinesiology is ONLY a healing modality.

Kinesiology is also a modality which you can use to be proactive to maintaining your great space.  To understand the reason kinesiology is also beneficial when you are feeling great, lets consider the history of and what kinesiology is.

Yet too it is important to understand that stress is wound into the body, kind of like a cork screw.  So when you have a balance only a certain amount of stress can be released and unwound in that time frame.  This means that when you go back to your every day, depending on how much stress you encounter AND the severity of that stress, additional stress could be  wound into your physical, mental or spiritual bodies.

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an energy based modality which has a sound foundation in both Eastern and Western philosophies.   It is a modality which grew predominately in the 1960’s from the contribution of many brilliant men in the Chiropractic field.  Called Applied Kinesiology it was a system only used by those in the field.

In the 1970’s, based on Applied kinesiology, via a system called “Touch for Health” Kinesiology was brought the the “lay” person.  In the 1980’s  this system would be expanded upon to include aspects of Chinese Medicine which would see the more energetic form of Kinesiology be establised.

The word Kinesiology derives from the Greek word “kinesis” meaning movement and “kinein” meaning to move.  Therefore kinesiology could be seen as the science or branch of knowledge related to movement.

Being a modality based on both Western and Eastern philosophies such movement relates to all three aspects of our being:

  • physically / structurally;
  • mentally / emotionally;
  • nutritionally /chemically.

Eastern philosophies seeks movement, and flow, of the meridians, chakras and overall energy. A main philosophy is:  Bu tong ze tong, Tong ze bu tong, which translates: If there is no free flow, there is pain; if there is free flow, there is no pain.

Western philosophies seek movement in relation to the body’s physical motion (or lack of).  Yet movement also relates to the identifiable fluids in the body (lymphatic, blood, cerebrospinal, synovial, etc).

If you consider that Kinesiology was founded via the Chiropractic arm, one of Kinesiology’s main purposes is alignment.  Alignment in all aspects of who you are – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

That leads to the question:   if you are feeling great, how does kinesiology benefit?

Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology has many benefits, overall it activates your innate healing abilities for you to have balance.  Such balance enables you to have greater choices so you can achieve your optimal potential and abilities. 

Here are the reasons for seeing a kinesiologist when you feel great:

Manifesting / Law of Attraction

Kinesiologists do not treat, diagnose or prescribe, what we do is balance your energy system to ensure you are in alignment with what you want to achieve.  Therefore whilst you can be feeling great, you still can have blockages to attracting what you want.

For example one of my clients in her own words feels amazing.  She is confident, knows her self worth, is happy in herself, loves her job and says she is ready for a relationship.  However whilst she is consciously ready, unconsciously she is blocking herself from attracting a relationship.

Via kinesiology she is uncovering, addressing and balancing blocks that she was unaware of which were hindering her in attracting a relationship.

In order to manifest or attract what you want in life, firstly you need to clarify what it is you want and then you need to fully trust it will happen as well as ensure your energy is aligned at the same vibration.

At times when you feel great you will still find that you may not be attracting what you want OR  you are attracting people and situations that are less than ideal.  As your external world is a reflection of your internal one it is likely there is something unknown that needs to be addressed.

Time does not heal

After seeing one of my closest friends loose her father and due to our conversations, I have come to realise that time does NOT heal.  What helps and supports healing is having ways and techniques that you can draw upon as you move forward which makes life easier.

Also in my experiences with clients what helps are techniques which release the imbalance caused by the hurt, grief, anger, etc trapped in the cellular memory.

What this means is that whilst we can be feeling wonderful, if we have a memory or past incident trapped at the cellular memory it can be triggered by a situation, place or person.   Thus you can find yourself reacting without understanding the reason why.

It is better to address what is unconscious, and thus what is unknown to you, rather than to have it show up in a conscious matter which results in a crisis.

Maintaining your good space

Each day in many ways we interact with others as well as with information or situations.  Whether this be in person, via social media, internet or TV.  Therefore we are constantly being bombarded with information and energy.

As kinesiology works on the Triad of health, it is not only your mental health it is helping keep in balance.  It could also be your nutritional / chemical aspect is out of whack or your physical or structural being.

Kinesiology aids you to remain centred and aligned, to keep your energy optimally flowing for all three aspects.  Which can increase and strengthen your resilience therefore building your immunity to others energy and stresses. 

Due to the use of muscle testing, Kinesiology bypasses your cognisant thinking to identify factors in the subconscious, physical and energetic levels.   Therefore you could have unknown stress which could be being triggered or waiting to be triggered.  Therefore not only does kinesiology aim to help you to maintain how you are feeling, it could also enhance it.  It could also mean you are being proactive and release the stress before it becomes known.


Overall, even if you are feeling great, regularly kinesiology sessions ensure you are taking charge of your well-being rather than waiting until things have compounded to be problematic.  If you are overdue for a session or haven’t seen a kinesiologist you can use the link below to schedule a session with us.


Are you hindering or sabotaging your healing

One of my driving forces is to get results for my clients.  It feeds my soul to know that, together, we are achieving the change they desire (plus more!).

I pleased to say that most of my clients get results, so when I have a client who is hindering or sabotaging their results it leads me to question the reason for this…as well as the solution.  Of which upper levelling is the key.

To understand upper levelling first lets consider the common denominators as to the reason people don’t heal are because they:

    1. are so associated with and defined by their “wounds” that they don’t know what life would be like without them.  To be without them means to change and for some that is fearful;
    2. sabotage their change and find reasons which keep them limited and within their comfort zone;
    3. aren’t releasing “stuff” on all three dimensions;
    1. have beliefs and expectations regarding healing that sabotages their progress; and
  1. are stuck in the “why” either trying to understand the reason <x> has happened or the reason why they are where they are at.


The term “woundology” was coined by Caroline Myss to describe how  people define and created an identity via their wounds, whether those wounds be physical, emotional, or social. 

In her book, “Why people don’t heal and how they can” Caroline Myss writes that some people who want to heal “are striving to confront their wounds, valiantly working to bring meaning to terrible past experiences and traumas, and exercising compassionate understanding of others who share their wounds. But they are not healing. They have redefined their lives around their wounds and the process of accepting them. They are not working to get beyond their wounds. In fact, they are stuck in their wounds.”

Thus it is important for you to consider what your new identity would look, sound and feel like.  How do you want to redefine yourself?

Change Barrier

For many people whether they are trying to loose weight, manifest something or heal when making any form of change they reach a limit where they are faced with a block to their change.  Often this will show up as a plateau of some kind. 

This limit is the outer barrier of where your current comfort zone lies.   Whilst many desire to heal and make change they don’t have the tenacity and willpower to push through their limit and barriers.  Thus they will find ways to justify not continuing with the change work.

It is at this point where you are faced with a choice to either sabotage your change so you fall back into our comfort zone OR to push through the limit to make change.

Three Dimensions of healing

To have lasting change we must work on all three aspects of our being.  Humans are three dimensional beings, so it makes sense to use a modality which works on all three aspects, which is what Kinesiology does.  Most modalities are usually only one dimension and in some cases two.  This makes Kinesiology regarded as one of the truly holistic modalities.

A Kinesiologist believes in a methodology called the “triad of health”.  Which means that well being and health is dependent on the harmonious congruency and balance between a client’s Physical / Structural, Emotional / Mental and Nutritional / Chemical aspects.

hp-mainWhen one aspect of the triad of health is imbalanced, then it affects the other sides and therefore areas in our life.  For example a person who chronically worries (mental) may lose their appetite (nutrition is affected) or experience irregularities in their body (physical).


In many of my articles I refer to beliefs.  This is because they are such a driving force of our emotions and behaviours.  Simply put Beliefs are a self fulfilling prophecy.

What we believe creates an expectation of what is likely to happen, this influences our behaviours (as well as how we feel) and then creates the basis of what actions we do or don’t take. In turn the actions or activities that we are doing or not doing will be the result or outcome we achieve.

This means that if you want to change your results or your behaviours, you need be aware of your beliefs to ensure they support what you want to achieve and who you want to be.

Positive / empowering beliefs are permission slips for getting the outcomes you want.

Learn how to change you beliefs with our online course:

The Why

Some get stuck in needing the know the why….the why they are the way they are; the why something happened to them.  Yet any sentence that begins with “why” is seeking justification not healing. 

If an unconscious person with a burst artery goes into emergency the doctors don’t stop to ask why did this happen, they simply move to apply the solution.  They don’t need to know the “why” to apply the healing.

Thus too, we can use the philosophy.  The why isn’t as important as the how.

Upper Levelling to change and heal

Upper levelling is when we push through our limits which is done using techniques that work on mind, body and spirit.   Yet as per Lao Tzu’s quote “A thousand mile journey begins with one step”. 

Be mindful that you might not achieve your desired change “overnight”, it also takes discipline and committed practice to achieve your healing goal.  Which is the first step, defining what it is you want to achieve.  

Once you know what you want to achieve and have a defined goal.  You then need to trust you can achieve this goal and take actions that align you to it.  Ensuring the actions you take are from a mental, physical and spiritual aspect.

Know that it is normal to feel vulnerable with any change.  When you are upper levelling be mindful that the closer you reach the barrier of your comfort zone, the likelihood you’ll feel this.    It is also important that when you reach here you keep moving forward, even if at a gentler pace.  

To move forward means you are taking consistent and authentic actions.  Such actions that extend your limits to elevate your self to a new level – a new way of being and thus making change.

One last thing….remember that any change, even if modest, is a move forward.

If you are still struggling with change and are interested in kinesiology you can book an appointment with us via:

Alternatively we have designed a process which helps with resetting the emotions.  You can find the link to this at:

openness to receiving

Openness to receiving rather than allowing

Many healers, coaches and guides often speak about the concept of allowing things to happen, however recently during a meditation I was guided to having openness to receiving, rather than allowing myself to.  I wondered what is the difference, I mean fundamentally are they not the same thing?

Intuitively I can feel the difference between the two, logically I needed to understand what the difference is.  In looking at the definition of both words this becomes clearer as to the power of being open. defines the word allowing as:  Allow, let, permit imply granting or conceding the right of someone to do something. Allow and permit are often interchangeable, but permit is the more positive. Allow implies complete absence of an attempt, or even an intent, to hinder.

Using the Macquarie Concise Dictionary the definition of openness as:  (a) an act or instance of making or becoming open. (b) an act or instance of beginning :commencement

The unseen forces of Spirit and Universal energy are subtle and thus they also give and receive messages in subtle ways.  This is why when you are making changes even slight ones they can have major results.

Thus when you engaged in the action of allowing, in fact you are already implying and giving a subtle indication that you have an intention to hinder.  It also gives a message that you are in control to grant you believe should be.

Recently a client of mine had been manifesting like crazy.  Via regular kinesiology balances she has raised, aligned and maintained her vibration to what she wanted to receive.  The she was being open and trusting what she wanted would happen.

And it was happening.   Things were flowing SO much that she became overwhelmed and triggered an unconscious program which sabotaged her.  Then, and very suddenly, the flow stopped.     Fundamentally she had closed herself off to having openness to receiving.

Basically openness to receiving means you let things flow and if they aren’t you remove the blocks.  This means firstly you need to know what it is that you want, so get specific.  Next surrender yourself to trust beyond any doubt then acknowledge and be grateful for what you do receive.

What often stops people from being open is an impeded flow of energy in their heart chakra and/or meridian.  As an organ our heart is responsible for pumping oxygenated blood through our system, thus providing oxygen and nutrients through out our physical body.  Studies have also shown that our heart emits more energy than our brain.  In fact it sends more messages to the brain than the brain does to the heart.  Thus a vital organ for many reasons.

Metaphysically the heart is considered as the Spiritual centre of the body.  It relates to love, acceptance, calm, peace, trust, forgiveness, radiate, free flowing and circulation.   When the heart energy is flowing a person has openness, is loving, they are engaging, it feels good to be around them, they are empowering and happy of others, they see the blessings and have acceptance of everything.

If the heart energy is blocked then a person can be fearful, condemning, frustrated, impatient, intolerant, distrusting, negative, dis-empowered and competitive.   They will focus on lack, complain and use negative wording.

Thus the best way to have openness to receiving is to ensure your heart energy is flowing and communicating.  Below is a process which enables you to have coherence and connection  in yourself as well as with the unseen energy and infinite energies and forces that surround you.

It is a process you can use daily to ensure you are generally open and vibrating, however you can also use it more specifically when you require additional support perhaps for making a decision, a meeting and/or for a presentation or less than easy discussion.

Be mindful that this is a process to connect in and open your heart energy.  Thus it is not a meditation.  You can do this process in five (5) minutes or you can choose to do it for fifteen (15).  Noting the more that you do mindfully d this process in the longer term the more automatic it will be that your heart energy is open and vibrating optimally.

Energetic Heart flow process

Take a deep breathe in and close your eyes, keeping them shut …. exhale.  Closing the door on the external world for the time you’ve allocated for this process.   Opening your self to be present moment of now.  Focusing on your breath, breathing in and out naturally.  Taking your breathe to any part of your body which is feeling tense and as you exhale, releasing that tension so you are free, right now to relax.

This time as you breathe in, take your breathe in deeper and hold it.  Then as you exhale, push all your breathe out, finding yourself sinking deeper into a relaxed state.

Bring the back of your hands together so that your fingers (on both hands) face towards you and bring your fingers in to touch the centre of your chest (in between your breasts at the same height as your nipples). In this area is an acupressure point known as the Sea of Tranquillity which helps to centre you and release any emotions which are being held on to.

It also supports your consciousness to know where you want your energy and attention to go to, which is from your external world to your internal one, specifically to your heart space. When we bring out consciousness to our heart space we strengthen the heart-brain connection, creating heart coherence.

The energy of our heart is love, compassion, trust, peace, appreciation, forgiveness and gratitude. So now turn your attention to see, feel or hear those things that make you happy. What, who or where lifts up your heart and makes you feel blissful?

It may be something, somewhere or someone you have recently come across, perhaps it is a memory or another time.

Now consider what, who or where makes you feel grateful or you have (or can have) appreciate of or for.

What, who or what do you love? and what is it specifically that you love?

What made you smile yesterday?  or over the last week?

Notice that as you keep thinking about things, people or places you love, make you happy and/or you are grateful for, how you start vibrating at a higher state and that you are being filled from head to toe with this vibration.

Continue to focus on all the things, people, places that make you happy.  That make you smile. Notice how you feel as you are filled with this heart energy.  Feel it emanating from you into the space around you, then filling up the room that you are sitting in.

Keep emanating this heart energy beyond the walls in which you sit.  Into the suburb in which you live, extending to the State and then Country where you are currently located.  Next radiating this energy to place in the world where it is needed most.

Knowing that as your heart energy radiates so too does your ability to attract all you desire, for you are coherent with the unseen forces and energy thus you are in the perfect vibration to be open to receive.

Now placing your hands in your lap, focus again on your breathing and be aware the noises that surround you, the furniture that you are sitting upon.  Feeling energised and aligned for your day, meeting or presentation ahead.


If you are, after doing this exercise, still finding yourself being blocked to openness then kinesiology may be for you.  Mention this article and you’ll receive a 10% discount.

You can schedule an appointment for kinesiology with us via: