Feeling great…How Kinesiology can still benefit you

Many of my clients will say “I’m feeling great, I don’t think I need to come” or “I’m not sure what we can work on”.  This is fantastic as it means Kinesiology is working for them!  However it also made me realise that there is a misconception that kinesiology is ONLY a healing modality.

Kinesiology is also a modality which you can use to be proactive to maintaining your great space.  To understand the reason kinesiology is also beneficial when you are feeling great, lets consider the history of and what kinesiology is.

Yet too it is important to understand that stress is wound into the body, kind of like a cork screw.  So when you have a balance only a certain amount of stress can be released and unwound in that time frame.  This means that when you go back to your every day, depending on how much stress you encounter AND the severity of that stress, additional stress could be  wound into your physical, mental or spiritual bodies.

What is kinesiology?

Kinesiology is an energy based modality which has a sound foundation in both Eastern and Western philosophies.   It is a modality which grew predominately in the 1960’s from the contribution of many brilliant men in the Chiropractic field.  Called Applied Kinesiology it was a system only used by those in the field.

In the 1970’s, based on Applied kinesiology, via a system called “Touch for Health” Kinesiology was brought the the “lay” person.  In the 1980’s  this system would be expanded upon to include aspects of Chinese Medicine which would see the more energetic form of Kinesiology be establised.

The word Kinesiology derives from the Greek word “kinesis” meaning movement and “kinein” meaning to move.  Therefore kinesiology could be seen as the science or branch of knowledge related to movement.

Being a modality based on both Western and Eastern philosophies such movement relates to all three aspects of our being:

  • physically / structurally;
  • mentally / emotionally;
  • nutritionally /chemically.

Eastern philosophies seeks movement, and flow, of the meridians, chakras and overall energy. A main philosophy is:  Bu tong ze tong, Tong ze bu tong, which translates: If there is no free flow, there is pain; if there is free flow, there is no pain.

Western philosophies seek movement in relation to the body’s physical motion (or lack of).  Yet movement also relates to the identifiable fluids in the body (lymphatic, blood, cerebrospinal, synovial, etc).

If you consider that Kinesiology was founded via the Chiropractic arm, one of Kinesiology’s main purposes is alignment.  Alignment in all aspects of who you are – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

That leads to the question:   if you are feeling great, how does kinesiology benefit?

Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology has many benefits, overall it activates your innate healing abilities for you to have balance.  Such balance enables you to have greater choices so you can achieve your optimal potential and abilities. 

Here are the reasons for seeing a kinesiologist when you feel great:

Manifesting / Law of Attraction

Kinesiologists do not treat, diagnose or prescribe, what we do is balance your energy system to ensure you are in alignment with what you want to achieve.  Therefore whilst you can be feeling great, you still can have blockages to attracting what you want.

For example one of my clients in her own words feels amazing.  She is confident, knows her self worth, is happy in herself, loves her job and says she is ready for a relationship.  However whilst she is consciously ready, unconsciously she is blocking herself from attracting a relationship.

Via kinesiology she is uncovering, addressing and balancing blocks that she was unaware of which were hindering her in attracting a relationship.

In order to manifest or attract what you want in life, firstly you need to clarify what it is you want and then you need to fully trust it will happen as well as ensure your energy is aligned at the same vibration.

At times when you feel great you will still find that you may not be attracting what you want OR  you are attracting people and situations that are less than ideal.  As your external world is a reflection of your internal one it is likely there is something unknown that needs to be addressed.

Time does not heal

After seeing one of my closest friends loose her father and due to our conversations, I have come to realise that time does NOT heal.  What helps and supports healing is having ways and techniques that you can draw upon as you move forward which makes life easier.

Also in my experiences with clients what helps are techniques which release the imbalance caused by the hurt, grief, anger, etc trapped in the cellular memory.

What this means is that whilst we can be feeling wonderful, if we have a memory or past incident trapped at the cellular memory it can be triggered by a situation, place or person.   Thus you can find yourself reacting without understanding the reason why.

It is better to address what is unconscious, and thus what is unknown to you, rather than to have it show up in a conscious matter which results in a crisis.

Maintaining your good space

Each day in many ways we interact with others as well as with information or situations.  Whether this be in person, via social media, internet or TV.  Therefore we are constantly being bombarded with information and energy.

As kinesiology works on the Triad of health, it is not only your mental health it is helping keep in balance.  It could also be your nutritional / chemical aspect is out of whack or your physical or structural being.

Kinesiology aids you to remain centred and aligned, to keep your energy optimally flowing for all three aspects.  Which can increase and strengthen your resilience therefore building your immunity to others energy and stresses. 

Due to the use of muscle testing, Kinesiology bypasses your cognisant thinking to identify factors in the subconscious, physical and energetic levels.   Therefore you could have unknown stress which could be being triggered or waiting to be triggered.  Therefore not only does kinesiology aim to help you to maintain how you are feeling, it could also enhance it.  It could also mean you are being proactive and release the stress before it becomes known.


Overall, even if you are feeling great, regularly kinesiology sessions ensure you are taking charge of your well-being rather than waiting until things have compounded to be problematic.  If you are overdue for a session or haven’t seen a kinesiologist you can use the link below to schedule a session with us.

Lisa is an experienced specialist kinesiologist, with traditional and modern forms of Kinesiology training. Lisa is also highly intuitive in which she incorporates into her sessions. Some describe her as a modern day alchemist.

Her authenticity, passion, exuberance and energy for what she does, and for her clients, drives her support them to achieve their desired outcomes.
With over 20 years in management and even many more in developing her intuitive / healing skills, Lisa has a truly grounded approach to her sessions incorporating both Western and Eastern philosophies.

After many years in the corporate world, Lisa followed her passion to help others which gave birth to The Inner Sage Australia.

The Inner Sage Australia is reflective of her philosophy; that we all have the innate ability to heal and align ourselves; albeit at times we need support to do this.

Lisa is PKP Kinesiologist, Kinergetics, Neuro Energetic Kinesiology and Resonate Essences Practitioner. She has also trained in Life Coaching and is a Reiki Master.

Lisa's clinic is located in Sydney, Australia. She conducts sessions face to face as well as via Skype.


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