Boundaries – Ultimate self love and worth

There was a time when I wouldn’t speak up for myself.  I didn’t know what my boundaries were yet alone reinforce them to another.  It didn’t matter whether this was a work, in friendships or relationships. Looking back I was really concerned with what others though about me.  Therefore I was giving away my power away […]

Comfort Zone

Expanding your comfort zone

It is likely you have seen or can resonate with this diagram regarding your comfort zone. I’ve used it previously in another article. It gives the implication that you have to leave your comfort zone to experience and get to where the “magic happens”. In my experience, working with people, despite knowing that going outside […]

Speaking your truth is not confrontation

Most people consider speaking up or speaking their truth as confrontation. When it comes to addressing matters with others many clients say to me “Oh I’m not good at or I don’t like confrontation”. To discuss and converse with others is actually not confrontation. Confrontation is a hostile or argumentative situation. If you are going […]

Self Worth

Self worth ~ The foundation of empowerment

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines self worth as ” a sense of one’s own value as a human being”. It is interesting that this definition defines self worth on how a person sees themselves when in reality many people base their self worth on how they perceive others see them and/or how others treat them. From […]

Fear, Anxiety, Anxious, Courage, Brave, Fearless

Anxiety and Fear – friend or foe?

Anxiety and fear are interrelated emotions, using the same or similar neurological pathways for processing information.  Anxiety is the physical reactions that develop due to fear or stress.  Fear can result as a response to anxious cues. Either way anxiety and fear have become quite prevalent and widespread in today’s society and way of living.  […]

Lost self

Reclaiming your lost self

The self relationship is the most important relationship you have.  It relates to how you treat yourself.  Your self love; self worth; self confidence, self value and self respect. It is the basis and foundation that determines how you interact with others. So it would go without saying that it is vital to have a […]

Healing process

Understanding the process and sequence of healing

Being on my own healing journey, as well as supporting others on their own,  I’ve often wondered what is the reason healing doesn’t happen, per say, overnight.  Why, despite all the work done to release an issue, that it either so much time and effort to be healed. Can reappear in other ways or not […]


Grieving – How time does not heal wounds

Grief is an emotion which is not only attributed to someone dying.  In fact it is associated with any change and adjustment, particularly those of a major and/or emotional nature. When a person is experiencing grief typically those around them (friends, family, associates) are unsure of how to brooch the topic, uncertain of what to […]


Developing your psychic / intutive abilities

It is my belief that we all have psychic abilities.  That we all are naturally intutive and have the ability to be psychic.  However similarly to playing the piano; where some will sit down and have a natural ability to play beautiful, others will have to practice and develop their ability. Often I am asked […]


How all your choices are supporting you

Are you aware that ALL your choices, whether they are empowering or disempowering choices are actually supporting you? To make a choice is the act of choosing between two (or more) alternatives.  Choice then gives you possibilities of an outcome. So when you make a choice you are simply deciding what is best for yourself […]