Kinesiology Support Techniques

These techniques are designed to help assist a clients balancing process as they are usually set at the time of the appointment for home reinforcement to help support the alignment to their goal.  However these techniques are also able to be used as stand alone techniques which can help for the purposes as outlined.

Please be aware that kinesiologists do not diagnose, prescribe or treat. We are energy specialists and thus work with the innate healing intelligence of the body to restore balance and health on all levels of the Triad of Health (emotionally/mentally; physically/structurally and nutritionally/chemically.

When concerned or in doubt please refer to your medical practitioner.

Please be aware prices are in USD (unfortunately we are not able to update the system to AUD).

Jet Lag Balance

Most, if not all, people have challenges adjusting to a new time zone.  Particularly those who travel across several time zones in a small amount of time or those who are older.  This kinesiology balance is designed to help you adjust with more ease, minimising if not eliminating the typical symptoms of jet lag.

Emotions Reset Process

The word emotion originates from the French word “emouvoir” which means to excite.  As well as the Latin word “emovere” which means to move.  Our emotions serve to motivate us to take action (move) towards things that excite us.

However emotions also serve for us to take action in order to survive and thus keep ourselves safe from danger.

Often our subconscious mind is making associations based on irrelevant data and thus our emotions are incorrectly protecting us and moving us inappropriately.

This process is based on Eastern and Western philosophies designed to help you release a specific incident, beliefs or emotions.

Temporal Tapping

This is a Kinesiology technique helps in embedding new information, ideas, beliefs and affirmations at a deep unconscious level.

It is a simple straightforward technique however contraindications (situations where this technique should not be used) are people who suffer symptoms of epilepsy or similar neurological conditions.

If using your own affirmation please make sure it is stated in a positive, present time methodology.

Central Vessel Meridian Balancing

Eastern healing philosophies have long known what science is now proving; that we have energy lines within our bodies called Meridians.

In this technique you are shown how to clear and reset the CV (central vessel) meridian. This meridian is one of two major meridians and is responsible for regulating and distributing energy to the Yin meridians.

The CV meridian increases energy to the brain and also relates to trusting your own innate wisdom (intuition). It often refers to the energy which you are allowing to come in to you.

Walking Gaits

This is a technique helps to bring the walking gaits back into balance and thus is a centering technique which helps build our resistance to outside influences.

Walking gaits have various benefits, some of which are enabling us to move forward smoothly in life; both metaphysically and physically.  It also helps to boost energy and clear brain fog.

Sea of Tranquillity

The Sea of Tranquillity is know as a "release valve" due to it being an acupressure point which, like a pressure cooker valve, lets out the stresses and anxiety which have built up and created blockages in your body.

When these stresses are relieved it assists in bringing you back into balance. Which means you are able to calm your mind, clear your heart and promotes deep emotional healing.

Switching Points

Have you ever had a time where someone has explained something to you or given you instructions and/or information only for you to forget a moment later what they said?

Often this is due to neurological switching that is a result of stress and is causing your brain to scramble information.  These points help the brain's various communication pathways to clear so information is received accurately. 


Journalling / writing allows us to step out from the problem and see it from another perspective. Thus creating distance which can bring perspective about a situation.

However there are many other benefits of journalling include:

  • Letting go;
  • Self realisation;
  • Focus;
  • Empowerment;
  • Problem solving; and
  • Clarification.

We recommend two different styles of journalling, each of which have their own benefits. 


Beliefs are self fulling prophecies.  Whatever you believe you are likely to live and make true.  So beliefs which empower you, you want to strengthen and it is in your best interest to challenge and transform those beliefs which don't .

This short course helps you understand:

  • what beliefs are
  • how they are created
  • how to let go of negative beliefs; and
  • how to create new ones

Auriculars Balance

Traditionally the Auriculars (which are your antenna) are used to release neck tension and stress this technique is also used to increase concentration, revitalise thinking, energise your mind/body as well as release dose of endorphins.

Recently when conducting a psychic reading for a client my guides brought this technique in for her as a way to raise her antenna to attract what she wants.

Dr Paul Nogier, who developed Auriculotherapy (Ear Acupuncture) stated that the ears are "big energy antenna". What he meant by this was that the auricles (ears) serve as a receiver for energy for the brain however this also works the opposite way in which our ears can work as transmitters.

Thus this technique not only serves to help release pain, tension and stress particularly from the shoulders it also serves to balance and align the frequencies (energy) that you are sending out and receiving.

Hyoid Balance (Centering & Guidance System)

We have various internal mechanisms which enable us to be centered. When we are centered we are comfortable within ourselves, we can just "be". We increase our resistance to stress and ability to cope.

The hyoid balance is a kinesiology technique also specifically works to increase stability in order to gain clarity as well as support your direction.  It also is used to strengthen willpower and the ability to speak up.

Goal Setting made Easy!

The importance of goals seems to have been lost after they become a "buzz" tool in the 90's.

Goals are a key tool which enable our inner navigation system. Whilst having goals has been popularised again in recent times, it certainly isn’t a new concept. The suggestion / recommendation of having goals has been written and spoken about for aeons.

For some, the way that goals have been impressed upon them (usually in a corporate environment where they are referred to as KPI’s) has meant that goals have a negative connotation and irreverence.

The result of which is that many consider goals as an obligatory task, a tick of the box so once it’s done they can focus on the “important stuff” – that long list of things to do. Thus there is no value, emotion or connection to the “obligatory” task/s that have been set.

This mini course helps you to understand the importance of having a goal as well as simple methods and tools to support you to create meaningful goals.