Whilst our services can be, and at times are, integrated we offer differing services which fundamentally aim to guide our clients towards enlightenment and empowerment.  Each service works slightly differently to achieve that.

Our philosophy is symbolic of our logo, the lighthouse.  In that we guide our clients forward towards what they want and help them navigate their inner world to get there.  We also support them overcome challenges, blocks and sabotages.

Our services are:

    • Kinesiology (PKP, Neuro Energy, Forensic Healing and Kinergetics)
    • NLP
    • Life Coaching
    • Psychic Readings
    • Reiki / Energy Healing

For more information on each service please refer to the individual page dedicated to each modality.  Check our appointments page for available times and pricing.

We are located at Room 1, 34 Blenheim Street, Randwick, Sydney Australia however we also offer Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp for international and interstate clients.