Life Coaching

Imagine how different your life would be if you approached it with a sense of confidence and belief.  If you had clarity and  life was flowing for you.  If you trusted your self and decisions.   

Life Coaching helps you to place your focus on your goals and where you want to be / what you want to achieve, rather than keep focus on your past.

Life Coaching also gives you a framework to formulate your goals in a way which is clear and precise.  As well as keeping your accountable for the actions required to reach your goals.

Life coaching also goes beyond that.  It supports you to uncover the sabotages and/or blocks that you consciously or unconsciously have.  Barriers which are impeding you from achieving your goal and keeping you from a life of fulfilment.  Whether they be self defeating behaviours, habits, beliefs and/or fears.

Life Coaching equips you with tools and techniques that will empower you to make the transformations you desire.  Assisting you to bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

What to expect during a coaching session

Coaching can be conducted on a week or fortnightly basis, depending on the intensity of your time frame to what you want to achieve.  Each session is approximately an hour and is conducted in a one to one environment.

Sessions can be done either via phone, skype or face to face and gives the client a forum to openly discuss their hopes, goals, dreams as well as their issues, concerns and/or fears.  It is also a modality which works well when combined with Kinesiology.

Benefits of Life Coaching include:

  • Goal clarification
  • Motivation and Focus
  • Confidence
  • Fresh perspectives
  • Accountability
  • Tools and techniques for various situations

With over 20 years experience in management as well as undertaking a Cert IV in Life Coaching, not to mention her intuitive insights, Lisa’s techniques are very effective in supporting her clients through their transition as well as empowering them for future goals.