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Kinesiology Demystified

A few years ago, I was “kicked” out of the corporate world, my time was up!  I had a strong urge to study and I had no idea what I was going to study, all I knew was it was my year for it.  One day a client said to me “I noticed you do Kinesiology”, I said “No I don’t right now, however I am going to!” and that is how Kinesiology found me.

Whilst I had heard of it, I signed up for the course and on day one I sat there with no idea of what was involved and/or how it could help people.

Kinesiology is a healing modality which is becoming more popular and known.  It is considered to be one of the truly holistic modalities because it works on all aspects of a person and thus it is a three dimensional modality.  Whereas most modalities are only one dimensional or at best two (i.e. usually just the mind).

It is an energy based healing modality with strong roots in both Eastern philosophies, such as Chinese meridian system, acupressure points, chakras as well as the Western  principles of coaching and the study of Anatomy and Physiology .

In the early 1970’s John Thie D.C. evolved the teachings of Applied Kinesiology for the lay person to create his method of kinesiology, called Touch for Health.   Previously it was a system made available to Chiropractors and those of the medical fraternity.

The word Kinesiology derives from the Greek word “kinesis” meaning movement and “kinein” meaning to move.  Therefore kinesiology could be seen as the science or branch of knowledge related to movement.

Energy kinesiology is the movement of energy through the meridian system, chakras and auric bodies.  Which is thought to also benefit movement through the physical and mental bodies.  In Eastern medicine there is a philosophy:  Bu tong ze tong, Tong ze bu tong, which translates: If there is no free flow, there is pain; if there is free flow, there is no pain.

Commonly Kinesiology is known for its use of muscle testing, which is the main tool a kinesiologist uses in order to obtain information from the body.  Also a versatile tool which identifies imbalances and resonating correction techniques.

KinesiologyMuscles are able to move due to working with various other body systems, notable the nervous system.  Our conscious mind transmits a command to our central nervous system which converts it into electrical impulses. The electrical impulses are then transported through the somatic part of our peripheral nervous system to the nerves responsible for controlling the necessary muscles.

When a client processes information which is beneficial for them,  the muscle remains strong.  However where the information causes a stress the muscle goes weak,  it identifies information that is or could create energy blockages.

However Kinesiology is much more than muscle testing.  Together with the client a goal is set for the session.  Via muscle testing the kinesiologist will seek information that is creating energy blockages or sabotages which are impeding the client from achieving this goal.

The muscles have been shown to reflect tension, especially when stress hasn’t been processed properly.  Which means they can hold memory of experiences which can be held onto for many years.  Such stress which can manifest as dis-ease, aches and pains, sabotaging behaviour and/or crisis.  Alternatively this stress can be triggered by events which bring it to the surface.

Muscles can be likened to filing cabinets for the subconscious mind.  By using the muscles we can bring information to consciousness to be addressed and released.   Which helps bring the body back into balance and thus such symptoms and behaviours release.

The kinesiologist has a tool bag of varying techniques, referred to as corrections, to address such blocks and thus bring the body, mind and spirit into alignment and balance.  Such corrections are a mix of tried and proven energy based techniques.

A Kinesiologist will not diagnose, treat or prescribe however what they do is work with the client to achieve a goal set for the session.  With the aim to balance clients in terms of the triad of health, which is chemically /nutritionally, mentally/emotionally as well as physically/structurally.

A balance is an individual experience as each session is tailored for what that individual needs (which can vary from each session).  Kinesiology has been known to improve emotional and physical well-being, bringing a calmer and relaxed state of being, reducing pain, as well as improving self-esteem and confidence.

To understand what happens in a session read our article on the reason kinesiology could be for you:  http://www.theinnersageaustralia.com/2016/08/21/kinesiology-it-could-be-for-you/

Kinesiology can assist with:

  • Increasing confidence, self worth and self belief
  • Having internal validation (rather than seeking it from others)
  • Alleviating anxiety, fears and stress
  • Trusting your own decisions
  • Support with making challenging decisions and changes
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Maintaining your positive vibration
  • Overcoming past traumas and hurts
  • Support during the grief process
  • Enhancing performance (focus, energy and clear mindedness)
  • Increase brain function, learning and comprehension
  • Refining and boosting creative flow
  • Improve behavioural problems
  • Easing tension and pain
  • Helping sleep routines & being well rested
  • Assisting with digestion issues
  • Reduce or eliminate Auto Immune Mismatches
  • Supports the Law of Attraction

How to find a kinesiologist

To find a kinesiologist you can search the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA) website.  Check your practitioner’s qualifications are current and at the highest industry standard.

You can also book an appointment with me via this link:  http://www.theinnersageaustralia.com/appointments/  Mention this article to receive a 10% discount.

Living in Balance

Life in its entirety is about balance, living in equilibrium between the opposites and extremes.  It is about the dualities that make up such equilibrium and need to find and maintain the balance between them.

Consider the dualities that surround us, good/bad, black/white, happy/sad,moon/sun, male/female and so on.

In the instance we do not keep the balance then life will find it’s way to ensure we are forced to.  How often has you heard or seen someone who has lived at an extreme, perhaps a workaholic, only to be brought back into balance by a force not under their control, such as retrenchment or illness?

Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, when we are imbalanced it is natural law that we will experience the opposite reaction in order for balance to be restored.

The familiar Taoist symbol of the yin/yang demonstrates this perfectly.  The yin/yang symbol is a symbol of dualities, dualities that create the whole.  It reminds us that every aspect of life has an equal opposite.  Such as male, female; sun, moon; earth, water; good, bad and positive, negative.  One aspect cannot exist without it’s reverse.

So often in our Western society we have been taught only to view life via one aspect, the good/positive or what was once known as the “Pollyanna outlook”.  Consider most of the early personal development books, they were chiefly about maintaining optimism and that being negative was a “wrong” thing to do.  Yet this in itself creates a pressure and imbalance that can only be reinstated via the equal and opposite reaction…..negativity.

Yet even if we take this symbol and chose to only look at one section, let’s say the white which representative of heaven, light, positive, bliss, masculine, penetrating etc you will notice that there is a reminder that the opposite still exists as in the small dark circle.  This too if you take the other section the black, representative of dark, negative, passive, female and absorbing – the light still exists denoted via the small white circle.

Put simply what this means is that whether you are in a positive or negative experience the opposite energy still exists.  For example if I am feeling really, really amazing I could easily trigger another’s inadequate feelings, yet too if I am feeling low it might be the catalyst for me nurturing myself.  Actually quite a lot of talented people have created their best works when in a low phase, Spike Milligan is a prime example.

It is interesting that in mathmatics when we have a positive and a negative (or equal amounts of each) that they negate each other and are brought back into a neutral position.  Doc Childre, CEO and Founder of HeartMath LLC explains this position of neutral quite eloquently:

“Neutral is a state where you are not jumping ahead too quickly or moving too slow.  Neutral does not mean being inactive, complacent or passive.  It’s about a calm poise that allows for new information and new possibilities to emerge before taking further action.  When in neutral you actually increase your sensitivity and intuitive intelligence.  Neutral is fertile ground for possibilities to grow from”.

Therefore if we wish to live life in a state where we have peace, happiness, unconditional love, balance and neutrality then we simply need to ensure we are in equilibrium and do not have attachment to either the positive or negative.  Uncertainty and disorder occur when one is outweighed by the other.



Good Vibration!

I find it fascinating how I can be focussing on one article only to end up writing about another!  Although that IS how in-spirit-ation works!  This post commenced by composing a blog about what it means to live our beliefs.  To walk our talk, only to find what I was drawn to writing about our vibration.  The resonance that our energy is reverberating at and what it attracts.

All matter is made up of energy, vibrating at different levels of frequency thereby determining the density and formation of that energy, including the human form.
It has been well documented that we are energy beings. From a Western & scientific perspective we only need to look at the cellular actions within our physical body to see that energy is constantly being created and used.

People often speak of their vitality in degrees of energy, whether they have high or low energy on a particular day. A more common example is how people admire children and their boundless levels of energy, wishing they had the same.

Eastern philosophies also teach that we also have energy fields, called auras or spiritual bodies, that surround and interact with our physical form. A simplist
ic overview of the purpose of the auras is that it contains our life force energy as well as absorb the energies of what we expose ourselves to thereby affecting our physical body as well as our energy levels.

What affects our vibration?

Together our physical and spiritual bodies create our vibration which we can directly influence our own thoughts, words and actions. Yet too as everything that surround us is made up of energy it too has a vibration, which when we expose ourselves to will Hand Vibrationshave an affect on our vibration.

Such things include:

  • people;
  • situations;
  • food;
  • beverages;
  • substances;
  • music & TV shows

When our vibration has a higher frequency we are more positive, happier, energetic and have a better sense of physical well being. The opposite happens when we vibrate at a lower frequency.

All energy it is in constant motion and therefore is constantly being nourished., so no matter what frequency we are vibrating at we can affect and change it.

Whilst we generally can from within at what level we are vibrating at, our external world is also a great indicator as it is often a reflection of our inner world.

When our vibration is low we will attract negative people, situations and events. We are likely to eat and drink substances that keep us in that frequency (high processed, high sugar foods, alcohol, sweet drinks).

When we have and work to maintain a high vibration we attract like minded people who help keep us there. We find that those “friendship” that properly didn’t have our best intentions in mind will either cool off or end.

We may find that we change our workplace, or events happen to make us change our workplace.

We find ourselves drawn to &/or our body craves foods and substances that are whole and “live”.

Our higher vibration / energy will want to be fed with positive matter, so we may no longer watch as much TV, instead reading inspiration books. We listen to music with meaning that uplifts us.

The first step to any change is awareness, then commitment. Yet too to give the change you want a chance of becoming a habit, create pain to whatever you are “giving” up and pleasure to what you are replacing it with.

Be the change you want & good luck!