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Spiritual Basics ~ Grounding

Grounding has both spiritual and physical benefits.  Grounding is the process of connecting yourself to the earthly plane and bonding with mother earth. It helps to anchor you to be fully present in the now.

Native American’s believe that mother earth is the source of all life and is a great teacher to be observed, listened to and respected. Her energy is nurturing and restoring, assisting us to bring and give life to our hopes, dreams and ideas.

Science tells us that the Earth is abundant with energy, particularly electrons, which have powerful supply of antioxidant effects.   When you connect with the ground, preferably via bare feet, you are able to absorb large amounts of these electrons. Effectively you resonate at the same vibration as the Earth.

Experiments have also proven that undertaking grounding exercises, it can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, balance hormones and in general enhance well being.

From a spiritual perspective, just as in electrics, grounding acts as a safety switch keeping us safe from being energetically overloaded from the spiritual plane.  We are spiritual beings (who are having an earthly experience) and even though most of us are not aware of it we often receive information, guidance and inspiration from above. However if we are not grounded, none of that is able to take form nor channelled into something of structure.

When you are grounded you are able to connect with your heart energy, which emanates your purpose and light into the world.  Also when you are heart coherent you tend to have increased mental agility and cognitive functioning.  You will find that you are much calmer and have increased emotional stability / consistency.   It also increases your energy levels and immunity.

Grounding also empowers your work (whether it is of a spiritual nature or not) as puts the physical and spiritual bodies into alignment. When we ground we too bring unyielding strength to our being, enabling us to take necessary action.

The act of grounding also allows us to bring our spiritual messages or divine guidance into existence so that we can communicate or create what the divine is imparting to us.

Another characteristic of grounding is that you can release (ground into mother earth) unwanted energy or negativity as well as excess energy. Mother earth works in such as way where will take that energy and transform it or utilise it.

How do you ensure your Grounded?

A good indication that you are not grounded is if you have a sensation of being “spaced out” and are uncommonly forgetful or clumsy. Also, if you are finding yourself sensitive to noise and light, it too can be an indication of being un-grounded.

It is advised that your ground yourself daily or at the very least once a week. Trust your intuition as to how often you need this. In essence grounding assists you in being more present in life, therefore if you are having difficulty in being present – ground yourself!


Be Tree Like

Stand with your feet apart and your arms relaxed by your side. Feel/see the trunk of your body and your legs become the trunk of a huge tree, feel your feet become heavy “sinking” into the ground, noticing that your toes have become tree roots delving deep into the mother earth, connecting you with her.

You become aware that foliage has sprouted from the top of your head and that your arms too have become branches. You now resemble a huge oak tree or blue gum if you prefer, you are now connected with both Father Sky and Mother Earth, balanced between both.

Connect with soil

A very quick and simple way of grounding is putting your hands in earth, whether than be re-potting an indoor plant or getting outside and doing some gardening. Alternatively allow your feet to make contact with mother earth by walking bare foot on the beach or in the garden.

Observe the texture, sensations and feeling at it touches your hands or feet and allow yourself to become child like with it (i.e. not caring about being ‘dirty’;).

Be in or with nature

Another simple way to ground is finding a place in nature which you find special and allow yourself to sit and be.   A favourite aspect of this is to sit at the base of a tree with your back to the trunk.  Heighten your awareness and look around you, permit yourself to see what is not visible to the ‘naked’ eye.

One of my favourite ways to ground is to find a luscious green patch of grass and stand barefoot.  Consciously connecting with it by raising my awareness of how it feels.  Then I release into the earth any and all negative energy, thoughts, people that might be with me so I can centre myself.

Rods of Light

Find a place where you can have a few moments by yourself and sit with your feet firmly on the ground.  See or feel at your base chakra (in your pelvic region) a ball of deep red spinning slowly, sit with the energy of that ball for a moment.

Now see (or feel) two rods of red light come out from the ball and travel down to your knees, pausing briefly. Next allow the energy to continue its journey moving down your shins to your ankles, down through the bottoms of your feet to connect deep with the core of mother earth.

See two huge boulders to which the cords tie themselves, allow the cords to wrap around the bolder and tie them off. When you are ready bring yourself back to the room knowing that you are now connected strongly with this plane.

Be Heavy

Stand with your feet hip width apart & press your feet firmly onto the ground and bend your knees coming into a semi squatting position. Stay there until you stop swaying & are standing strong.

Connect directly with nature

Go outside and hold onto the leaf of a plant or tree or place your hands against the tree trunk.  Alternatively you could sit at the base of the tree.  One of my favourites is to stand or walk barefoot on grass, allowing any negative energy to dispel into the earth leaving my own energy rejuvenated and aligned.

Quick Suggestions

  • dance and/or sing
  • walk barefoot along the beach or along grass
  • eat raw chocolate, nuts and/or berries
  • write
  • laugh

“Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.” ~Steve Goodier