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Practices to nourish your vibration

As was “goals” in the 1980’s, vibration, manifestation, abundance have all become buzz concepts right now.  As with many concepts that become the “buzz” they tend to become so overused that people soon grow tired of hearing about it.

So why is it important not to get tired about information relating to your vibration?  Science is proving what Eastern philosophies have know for thousands of years; that your body is constructed from energy.  This refers not only to the interactions that occur at a cellular level, yet also to the energy lines that run through your body, called Meridians, which Science can now detect.

What has also been detected is that you are much more than your physical body.  Surrounding you are interconnected fields of energy known as subtle bodies or auric fields.   These fields interact with your physical body via energy connection points called chakras which then feed into the meridians.

Just as you would practice for anything you want to master or become adept at, you also need to follow certain practices to ensure your energy vibration is at it’s best.   Your external world is also a reflection of your internal world so the more you invest in being your best; the more the best of the world will invest in you.


Common reasons most people don’t meditate are “I don’t know how to” or “I can’t sit for that long” or “I can’t switch off my mind”.  Meditation is like running a marathon, as in it isn’t something most people can do straight away.  As with training for a marathon you build up your stamina and endurance, so too meditation.  You need to develop your ability to let go of your thoughts and to sit for periods of time.

The benefits of meditation are well documented and from this perspective it is extremely important to recharge all aspects of yourself (physically, mentally and spiritually).  Meditation allows us to be relieved of the density our energy has on Earth.  We are light beings and thus meditation enables us to lighten our energy, thereby lightening our load and connect to the light source that is internal and external to us.

Acknowledge Universal Forces

Whilst I have no concrete evidence that can support for a fact that there are unseen Universal forces that exist, I have experienced many different situations that gives me evidence to believe that they do.

These Universal forces help support us to bring into reality our ecological desires. When we recognise that these Universal forces exist we are able to connect to them to enable manifestation.

Get moving outside

The Latin word “emovere” which means to move is also the basis of the word emotion.  Interestingly it also originates from the French word “emouvoir” which means to excite. When we move, we are exciting our energy and vibration.  Yet to movement also means we tap into emotions and feelings which support us.

When we move outside we are also able to access and absorb the negative ions which exist organically in nature.  These negative ions enable us to be balanced, grounded, energised and to have focus and clarity.

Yin / Yang

The Yin and Yang refer to the negative and positive aspects which exist in everything.  Without both we become imbalanced and/or polarised about a person or situation.  So when you can practice the Yin / Yang, which is seeing both the positives and negatives in equal amounts, then you are able to let go of the attachment and be empowered and at peace.

Be Heart Centred

Studies are showing that the heart emits more frequencies than our brain.  Also that the heart sends more instructions to the brain, than the brain does to the heart.   So when we are heart centred we are able to elevate our communication, thinking, decisions and choices to a higher level of consciousness.

Commonly, in various modalities,  the heart relates to:  self love, love for others, compassion, empathy, forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, beauty, peace and transformation.  When you focus on doing this for yourself or another you are being heart centred.

Practice Gratefulness

Gratefulness is an important attribute of being heart centred however it is also important from a focus aspect.  To be grateful is to acknowledge all that you are (or can be) thankful and appreciative for.

What ever we focus on, we will get more of.  Also when we are grateful we let the light in, which in-powers us.  It heightens and improves our vibration so we can receive more and in this case more “light”.

We know that everything is interconnected so when you invest in your vibration you are fundamentally investing in all aspects of your well being.  You are being active in creating the way in which you exist in the world.

Law of Attraction - Vibration

Eight ways you can raise your vibration

Regularly when working with clients, I find myself explaining that in order to achieve what they desire they need to “shift and raise their vibration”.  Whilst many understand the concept they don’t necessarily understand what steps they can take to achieve this.

In my personal experience what you have or attract in life is directly related to your energy.  As well as your level of empowerment and how you feel about yourself.  If you want to attract or manifest certain things, people or situations it is important that you are resonating at the right vibration.

What is our “vibration”?

Dr. Richard Gerber, who wrote Vibration Medicine, supports the notion that we are more than our physical body and that we also have energetic information systems; such as the subtle bodies that Eastern philosophies often refer to.  He also states “energy is very strongly influenced by consciousness”.

Thus our vibration is the frequency and energy at which our physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies are oscillating at.  Each aspect having its own separate frequency which contributes to the whole and it is this integration vibration that communicate with others around us.

When you contemplate ways to raise your vibration it is important to consider them from these aspects; physical, mental, emotional and energetically!

Methods to raise your vibration

  1. External world / internal world

    Your external world is a reflection of what is happening within yourself, thus it acts as a prompt to what you are placing your attention and focus on. If you don’t like what is happening around you, consider what you need to address within or give to yourself.  For example if you are attracting negative situations, consider how you are being negative. Once you can acknowledge this, you can change it and you no longer need to attract such situations for you to learn from.

  2. Consider your thoughts and words

    As Buddha said “what you think you become”, thus the thoughts you have create how you feel. It is important to acknowledge how you are feeling, however also consider what  you have or are thinking about as this is most likely the reason you are feeling less than great.
    Remember just because you think something, doesn’t mean it is true, so consider other and alternative possibilities. Life is made up of dualities so things, people, situations are not all good nor are they all bad they are a balance of both, when we see both aspects we have peace and empowerment ~ higher vibrational energy.
    Also consider the words that you are using and find alternatives.  For example “should” is a guilt creating word, so instead of using “should” use “could” – it is a choice creating word.  Rather than things being bad, state they are less than good.  Words, as does thoughts, have their own vibrational energy so if you want to lift your vibration then using those of a positive resonance helps.

  3. Feed your mind

    What material (books, magazines, online) are you reading?  Also what TV shows or movies are you watching?  Did you realise that the material you feed your mind with is also unconscious programming you?  Make a choice to nourish your mind with information that is strengthening and encouraging, that whilst feeding your mind is also nurtures your soul.

  4. Practice Gratitude

    To practice gratitude is to find something to be thankful for in every situation, even those situations which seem less than positive.  When you develop an attitude of gratefulness then you become more present which can help you realise that everything that happens is moving you towards something bigger and better.  Yet too gratitude is an emotion of higher forces and thus lifts your vibration so you attract more of the same (so more situations to be grateful for).

  5. Meditation

    When you meditate you enable your mind and body to realign with its truer state; a state of calmness, peace, happiness and joy.  You are also able to connect with your higher self, that part of you which holds wisdom and insight as well as guidance.  Thus meditation is a tool in which you can access and connect with the  higher vibrational energy within and around you.

  6. Use Essences

    There are many different essences in the marketplace however the one which we recommend and use is Resonate Essences.  These essences are made with high vibrational ingredients yet too they have been created with the purest of energetic vibrations including love.  Working on a spiral flow dynamic these essences dissolve and transmute the negative vibrations create a space for the positive vibrations to permeate and infuse.

  7. Get moving

    Movement creates energy, so when we move in a way which makes us happy or gives us joy we create positive energy faster.  So engage in an activity that gets you moving and that resonates with you; go walking, go to the gym, dance, jump on the trampoline; it doesn’t matter how you move, just move!
    When you move you breathe more and thus increase the oxygen in your body – oxygen is life giving, life forming energy, so when you breathe you are giving  this to yourself.

  8. Higher vibration foods / fluids

    Eat foods that are “live”, which are unprocessed foods that are beneficial to you.  As the adage states “you are what you eat” thus food directly impacts your physical body.  Either you are fuelling it or defusing it.
    This also applies to the fluids you drink and in order to thrive your body needs at least two litres per day (more depending on circumstances).  So are you are you drinking enough water?  is your body adequately absorbing it?  are you drinking too much caffeine, alcohol or sugar based drinks?
    When your physical body thrives so too does your vibrational bodies.

In his book “The Power of Intention” Dr. Wayne Dyer wrote:  “What you may fail to see inside is a result of how you choose to process everything and everyone in your world. You project onto the world what you see inside, and you fail to project into the world what you fail to see inside. If you knew that you were an expression of the universal spirit of intention, that’s what you’d see. You’d raise your energy level beyond any possibility of encumbrances to your connection to the power of intention. It is only discord acting within your own feelings that will ever deprive you of every good thing that life holds for you! If you understand this simple observation, you’ll curb interferences to intention.”

Hydrated Light Bodies

Are your Light Bodies dehydrated?

Energy workers are also known as light workers, aptly described due to the energies and frequencies they work with including those of the aura.  The aura is a composition of seven layers known as light bodies.

Through Barbara Ann Brennan’s work, and as described in her book “Hands of Light”, the auric bodies are described as light waves, which like the physical body are composed of fluid like substances.

What is lesser known is that just as the physical body may become dehydrated so too can the light bodies.

Light bodies and the physical body

Each light body encompasses and penetrates the one/s resonating below it, right to and including the physical body.  It is thought that the structure of each light body contains the anatomy of the physical body.  Anatomy such as blood vessels, organs, etc albeit in energetic form.

If the light bodies resemble and imitate the physical body then it would make sense that they too require nutrients, energy and balance for optimum performance and efficiency.  Yet too there are other parallels which give support as to why our light bodies can become de-hydrated.

When a person is physically at higher altitudes their body requires specific care as it is more susceptible to being dehydrated as well as loosing nutrients.  This is because water evaporates at a quicker rate the higher we go yet too due to breathing faster and more deeply.  Higher altitude could be an analogy for working with higher energetic frequencies; in that when we do our body and light bodies can easily become dehydrated.

Consider the metaphysics of water; it symbolises adaptability, purity, fertility, healing and cleansing. Water is associated with emotions, intuitiveness as well as the feminine aspects of ourselves.  When dehydrated it is symbolic of the lack of nurturing oneself and/or that the person is thirsting for something.

Most (if not all) light workers are empath’s;  they are considered sensitive and/or emotional, they often pick up on others emotions, ailments and energy.   They work with higher frequency healing vibrations and give readily to others often before themselves.   They are the epitome of what water symbolises and thus are often dehydrated not only physically yet more importantly on one or more of the light bodies.

Symptoms of a dehydrated system

Whilst light workers are aware of the need to look after their physical body, more often than not they aren’t aware that their light bodies require care also.   To know if your light body is dehydrated you will experience several of the following:

  • do not have enough endurance and/or fatigue easily
  • may find it more difficult to sense energy
  • energetic information is not as clear
  • find energy work is tiring
  • have fluctuations in energy
  • crave sweets and/or carbohydrates
  • are susceptible to colds and flu’s
  • are moody
  • have moment of feeling dizzy

Fluids are the best way to hydrate our physical body.  So too with the light bodies, albeit with a different type of fluid product, that of energy.  This also gives reason as to why it is important that energy workers regularly receive some type of energetic work!

Methods to keep or re-hydrate

In Kinergetics there is a specific Light Bodies correction which I personally found to be one of the most effective ways for re-hydrating the light bodies.  However there are other methods that light workers can use such as:

  • Meditating regularly, ideally making it a daily practice
  • Starting your day with a spiritual practice
  • Receiving energetic balances regularly
  • Using Resonate Essences and sprays
  • Routinely protecting and cleansing your energy
  • Visiting the beach, mountains or bush often
  • Listen to music, sing and/or dance

When dehydrated, just as the physical body will endeavour to maintain health by decreasing some of the body’s processes (making them less effective).  Our light bodies do the same although it is the access of energy and flow of the higher vibrational energy which is not as effective.

With regular, devoted actions to nurturing all aspects of ourselves we can ensure we are working optimally, not just for ourselves yet also for others.

If you would like to schedule a one on one face to face, or Skype, session with Lisa email her at visit our appointments page:  http://www.theinnersageaustralia.com/appointment/


Kinesiology ~ it could be for you!

Many years ago I started my business doing Life Coaching….and I loved it!  Many of my clients made massive change in their life yet others, whilst they made some changes, would sabotage this change and keep repeating the patterns.

It was only until I studied Kinesiology that I came to understand that life coaching is only one dimensional.  As in it only works with the mind however human being are three dimensional, mind, body and spirit.  So whilst working the mind will help, if the body and spirit aren’t in alignment then change is only temporary.

What I love about kinesiology is that it is three dimensional and thus truly holistic.  Within a session all three dimensions of a being are being balanced.

The main focus / area I use kinesiology is with clients who don’t have a healthy “self” relationship.  i.e. they lack self confidence, self esteem, self belief, self respect.  Our self relationship is the most important relationship we can have as our external world is a reflection of our internal one.  So if you are attracting toxic relationships it is likely your self relationship is unhealthy.

Many of my clients respond yes to one or more of the following questions:

  • Do you interact (treat and/or speak) with yourself negatively?
  • Do you seek external validation?
  • Lack healthy boundaries?
  • Question and/or doubt your self?
  • Have negative beliefs, lack self worth and confidence?
  • Perhaps feeling fearful and anxious?
  • Attracting and/or not letting go of toxic relationships, friendships, environments?
  • Stuck in the past and not moving forward?
  • Maybe loosing your self within relationships.
  • Lacking or loosing your energy, vitality and spark for life?

Demystifying kinesiology

Kinesiology is an energy based healing modality with strong roots in both Eastern philosophies, such as Chinese meridian system, as well as the Western study of Anatomy and Physiology.  The word Kinesiology derives from the Greek word “kinesis” meaning movement and “kinein” meaning to move.  Therefore kinesiology could be seen as the science or branch of knowledge related to movement.

Using muscle testing, kinesiologists are able to obtain information from your body;muscle testing information which indicates where a stress or block could be in your body as well as the possibly origin of such stress.

Kinesiologists also believe that your body has its own innate healing ability and thus any work they do is working to balance and empower your body to connect with this ability.

A kinesiologist has a tool bag of varying techniques referred to as corrections, which are used to bring your body back into alignment and balance, thus addressing the energy blockages identified.

What happens at a session?

Based on the goal you have set with the kinesiologist for the session, varying correction techniques will be used.  These are mix of tried and proven energy based techniques and may include:

  • Gently holding or massage acupressure points
  • Tracing one or several meridian pathway/s
  • Use of Resonate or other Essences
  • Hydration techniques
  • Clearing of sabotage patterns
  • Chakra balancing
  • Energy and colour work
  • Visualisation and meditative work
  • Challenging perceptions and beliefs

What occurs during a consultation?

At your first session, your Kinesiologist will review your history to determine where you are in life and what you are experiencing, then help you determine where it is you want to be and what  you want to achieve, which becomes the goal for your session.

The kinesiologist will, using muscle testing, ensure your body is clear to communicate, as well as strong enough to access your innate healing ability, correcting where needed.

They will then determine, via your body, imbalances or stresses that stop you from achieving your defined goal, applying the correction technique required to remove such blocks and create more options for you to achieve your goal.

Depending on what you are working on, it can take a number of session before benefits are observed, however some clients may achieve immediate results.

What can Kinesiology be used for?

Kinesiology does not treat, diagnose or prescribe, what we do is balance your energy system to be in alignment with what you want to achieve.  Kinesiology has achieved results with people wanting to:

  • Be confident, self belief and self worth
  • Trust in their decisions and take action
  • Value them self and have healthy boundaries
  • Let go of toxic relationships and environments
  • Alleviate anxiety and stress ~ physical, emotional or mental
  • Increase their energy, vitality and feeling happy
  • Overcoming fears and past traumas
  • Provide support regarding major change/s
  • Releasing blocked potential and enhancing performance ~ school, work, sport
  • Increase brain function, learning and comprehension
  • Refining and boosting creative flow
  • Helping sleep routines & being well rested
  • Aiding with recovery from Injury
  • Easing pain issues (incl headaches & migraines)
  • Achieve weight goals

Ultimately the best way to determine whether kinesiology is right for you is to actually try it!   We have an introductory 1.5hr session for only $100.  To schedule an appointment contact us on 0407 696 454 or visit http://www.theinnersageaustralia.com/appointment-randwick/


Time tells where your energy blocks could be

Chi, which is also known as ki, qi, prana or simply energy, is the universal vital life force (or life breath) which exists and permeates all living things.   We are born with Chi, and based on the laws of energy, Chi cannot be destroyed it can only be transformed.

The Chinese believe Chi is the force which energises and nourishes our body, and that it is vital to our well-being.  Chi can be  increased or decreased (by becoming blocked or imbalanced) based on our internal and external environments as well as our experiences.

When Chi is imbalanced or blocked it can impact on our health (as in the Triad of Health ~ Structurally, Emotionally / Mentally or Chemically).  Disruption to our flow of Chi can be caused by poor diet, lack of exercise, poor breathing and posture, scar tissue as well as other chemical, physical or psychological stresses.

Whilst there are many aspects which can affect our chi, one contributing factor is the flow of our energy via our meridians.  Meridians are the unseen channels which energy is transported throughout the body.

Meridians exist deep within the body, however we can influence the flow of energy at a superficial level, for example with acupressure, acupuncture or kinesiology.  Meridian based therapies have been found in ancient texts dating back to 2698 BC.

There are twelve major meridians, ten which relate to physical organs and two which relate to functions.   During a 24 hour period the energy fluctuates through the body with peak energy in each meridian during a two hour period.

The meridian timetable is also known as the Horary Clock and can be an effective tool for detecting energy imbalances.  If, at a particular time of the day,  you find you get headaches, that your mood changes or your energy dips,  it could be that the energy is blocked in the relating meridian.

Horary Clock Explained


Stomach (7am to 9am)
The Stomach meridian is also considered to be the ‘Sea of Nourishment’.  The stomach digests foods and fluids, thus providing our system with energy. It also moves food and fluids to the small intestine where nutrients are extracted and assimilated.   The stomach meridian works closely with the spleen to transport this energy through the meridian system, to the lungs where it merges with the energy obtained from breathing.

Indicators of low or blocked meridian energy could be anxiety, not feeling hungry or still feeling unsatisfied after eating, stomach cramps, jaw tension, nausea, indigestion, burping and gas.

It is the optimal time for having breakfast and thus digesting food.  If imbalanced what is it that you are not digesting or assimilating, literally or metaphysically?  Are you nourishing yourself, your ideas or goals?

Spleen (9am to 11am)
The Spleen meridian is also called the ‘Minister of the Granary’ being a storehouse of energy.  The spleen provides enzymes to the stomach and small intestine, therefore governing the extraction and assimilation of nutrients from food and fluids.  It also regulates and filters blood together with kidneys to balance bodily fluids.

Muscle tone and condition is influenced by the spleen.  Evidence of deficient spleen energy can be detected by weak limbs and muscle atrophy.  An imbalance in this meridian can result in a craving for sugar, fatiguing easily and anaemia.

It is optimal time for exercise or being task orientated.  If imbalanced are you breaking tasks down into manageable parts?  Are your overwhelming your system with toxic matter/s?

Heart (11am to 1pm)
The heart is referred to the ‘Queen’ of our organs.   In Chinese, the word for heart is “hsin”, which also means mind.  The Internal Medicine Classic notes: ‘The heart commands all of the organs and viscera, houses the spirit, and controls the emotions.’

When our heart meridian flowing, we are able to control our emotions.  However when blocked or imbalanced we are emotionally vulnerable.

Physiologically, the heart circulates and distributes oxygenated blood to all other parts of the body, as well as transport de-oxygenated blood to the lungs for expiration.  Thus all other organs are dependant on the heart for sustenance.

Internally, from a functional aspect the heart is associated with the thymus gland, which supports the reason extreme emotions can suppress and affect our immune system.

Thus this is an optimal time to take a break, so the heart has more energy to direct to fundamental functions.  If imbalanced what is the conflict between heart and mind?  What keeps circulating that needs to be expelled?  What engages your heart, what action or task could you do that nourishes you?

Small Intestines (1pm to 3pm)
The Small Intestines are also considered to be the ‘Minister of Reception’.  Their roles is to received broken down food from the stomach for further digesting in order to extract and assimilate the pure nutrients.  Moving impure nutrients (waste) to the large intestine.

The small intestines belong to the Fire Element, along with the heart, circulation-sex and triple warmer meridians, and controls basic emotions which is indicated in the Chinese term “duan chang” (broken intestines) which in English is equivalent to “Broken Heart”.

The small intestine meridian influences the pituitary gland, which is the master gland and regulates growth, metabolism, immunity, sexuality as well as the endocrine system.

This is an optimal time for eating lunch.  If there are blocks or imbalance in this meridian what are you not absorbing, physically or metaphysically?  What are you doing that doesn’t nourish you?  What could you be doing which does?   What could you be more receptive to?

Bladder (3pm to 5pm)
The Bladder is also referred to as the ‘Minister of the Reservoir’, as it is the reservoir for short storage of, as well as, excretion of the excretory waste received from the kidneys.

This is the only function of the bladder, however as the bladder meridian flows along the back (from the eyes over the head and down to the heal) with two parallel branches that flow along both sides of the spine, it also relates to the balance and functioning of the autonomous nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system is a part of the nervous system and regulates essential involuntary bodily functions, such as smooth muscles (of the heart, eyes and stomach) and glands.  The autonomic nervous system has two parts, the sympathetic nervous system which governs increases heart rate, blood vessel constriction and blood pressure; and the parasympathetic nervous system which decreases the heart rate, increases intestinal and gland activity, and relaxes sphincter muscles.

During the bladder time it is an optimal time for drinking water.  If there are blockages or imbalance in this meridian are you drinking enough water?  Are you going outside your comfort zone and being “stretched”?  What do you need to allow to flow more freely?  Where are you on auto-pilot that you need to be more aware of?

Kidney (5pm to 7pm)
The Kidney is considered the ‘Minister of Power’, as it is one of the most important pools of vital energy.  The kidneys filter blood, helping to remove excess salt, water and waste products.  They also product hormones which play significant roles in the production of blood cells and regulation of blood pressure.

Prenatal energy (called ‘yuan chee”) is stored in the kidney meridian system, hence why kidneys are also known as the Root of Life.  The Chinese consider the adrenal glands, adrenal medulla and adrenal cortex to belong to the Kidney organ system, which are glands that produce hormones to regulate metabolism, excretion, immunity, sexual potency and fertility.  The Chinese also relate the kidneys to the reproductive functions and thus are a prime source of sexual energy, which the Chinese regard as a main indicator of health.

Indicators of weak or impaired kidney energy may be anaemia, tinnitus or immune deficiency, as well as poor memory, inability to think clearly, and backache.  The Chinese also consider the kidneys as the seat of courage and willpower, so weak kidney energy may result in feelings of fear or paranoia.

This is also a key time for drinking more water as well has having a light dinner.  It can also be a consideration of eating smaller meals more regularly.  Metaphysically it can relate to having to filter and remove things or perhaps consider where you are feeling pressure.  Do you have sufficient energy or are you using your reservoirs?

Circulation Sex (also known as Pericardium (7pm to 9pm)
The Circulation Sex meridian is one of the function meridians which is also know as the ‘Queen’s (heart) Bodyguard’, as in Chinese medicine this meridian protects the heart and its functions.  On an energetic level it protects the heart from intense emotions such as anger from the liver, fear from the kidneys, and grief from the lungs.

Pericardium energy, which the circulation sex meridian is also know, relates to emotional feelings linked with love and sex, therefore linking the physical and emotion aspects of sexual activity.

Thus making this time ideal for sex, connecting with your partner and/or delving into emotional “stuff” linked with relationships.  If there are blocks or imbalances in this meridian consider how you feel about relationships, reproduction and sex.  What do you feel, or are you, protection yourself from?  What do you see as your legacy?

Triple Warmer (9pm to 11pm)
The other function meridian, the Triple Warmer meridian relates to three heats of our body; metabolism (including adrenals), immune system and temperature regulation.  It is responsible for the movement and transformation of fluids in our system, as well as the regulation of nourishing and protective energy.

The triple warmer meridian has also been associated with the hypothalamus, which is a region of the brain which coordinates the autonomous nervous system and pituitary gland. Thus controlling body temperature, thirst, hunger, sleep, mood, sex drive, fluid balance as well as other basic autonomous functions.

Optimum time for nourishing ourselves by meditating or going to sleep.  Metaphysically, what is getting a ‘rise’ out of you?  What makes you “hot under the collar”?  Where can you get energy to power what you need to do?  What are you resisting?  or need to resist / be immune to?  Also consider building your immune system and/or taking care of your adrenals (eat small meals regularly, take adaptation herbs).

Gallbladder (11pm to 1am)
The Gallbladder meridian is also considered the ‘Honourable Minister’ as its function (cause) is to support the liver by storing bile produced by the liver, bile which is used to break down fats.   Chinese medicine considers tension headaches (of the shoulders and neck) to be caused by a block in the gallbladder meridian.

In Chinese, the word for ‘daring’ is da dan (‘big gall’) and thus the gallbladder meridian is believed to rule our willpower, determination, daringness and assertiveness.

A time when most people are asleep, yet for those who are not this is an optimal time to consider what you are storing (literally or metaphysically) and what can be eliminated.   If you were to be daring, and could achieve anything, what would it be?  Now break that down in manageable steps, how could you make that happen?

Liver (1am to 3am)
The liver is known as the ‘General” and it is the organ (although also considered a gland) which produces bile for breaking down fats.  The liver is also is responsible for filtering the blood, detoxifying it, nourishing it and storing it.  As well as converting sugar to glycogen for when the body requires itL

The liver is linked with the peripheral nervous system, which carries messages from the brain to our limbs controlling muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.

An imbalance in the liver meridian can result in an inability to relax, proper coordination, blurry vision, weak fingernails.   It is also considered to the ‘seat of anger’ and is linked to intense feelings such as rage, anger and frustration.

The liver meridian is at it’s peak between 1am and 3am, therefore this is the better to be eating fatty, sugary foods or drinking alcohol (not that I would suggest doing any of these at any time).  It is also an ideal time for exercise, if you happen to be awake, as it helps release tension and stored emotions, boosts oxygen as well as increases blood flow.  Metaphysically consider how you are handling multiple responsibilities?  Are you becoming overwhelmed?  What needs detoxifying in your life?  What do you need to purify and cleanse?

Lung (3am to 5am)
The Lung meridian is known as the ‘Prime Minister’, our lungs play a major role in the function of respiration, allowing us to inhale oxygen and dispels carbon dioxide.  It works with the heart to circulate blood and the Internal Medicine Classic states: ‘Energy is the commander of blood; when energy moves, blood follows.  Blood is the mother of energy; where blood goes, energy follows.’  Demonstrating the intimate relationship of the heart and lungs.

When vital energy is low in the lung meridian, we shallow breath or our breathing is irregular.  We may have trouble adjusting our body temperature and thus shiver, or we may find our resistance to colds and flu lacking.   Pale skins or poor complexion are also indicative of weak lung meridian energy.

This is an ideal time for deep breathing, yoga or meditation.  Metaphysically what is stopping you from having the space to breathe?  Are  you feeling constricted, inhibited from expressing yourself?  What are you grieving, or what is causing your grief?

Large Intestine (5am to 7am)
The Large Intestine is known as the ‘Minister of Transportation’, as it temporarily stores and transports digestive wastes for elimination.   As it is a meridian of the metal element, which is known for decay, it is the final area for absorption of residual fluids, minerals and vitamins that have been broken down by previous organs.

The large intestine meridian also supports the lungs (the other meridian belonging to the metal element) in regulation of the skin’s pores and perspiration.  Yet too it is dependant on the lungs with regulating abdominal pressure and thus assisting with bowel movements.

Thus if this meridian is low on energy, blocked or imbalanced symptoms may include sluggish bowel movements sluggish bowels, constipation or diarrhoea.

This is the best time for bowel elimination as well as deep breathing exercises.  Metaphysically consider what you are retaining which you could let go of, or are you letting go of too much?  What are you hanging onto which is toxic?  Are you being too hard on yourself and/or others?

There are several healing modalities which use Chinese Medicine principles, including acupuncture, acupressure and Kinesiology.  As Kinesiologists we do no diagnose, prescribe or treat so please remember to consult your doctor or counsellor when showing concerning signs of emotional or physical imbalance.

Signs a departed loved one is near

As a psychic medium I was born with the gift of being able to speak with and see loved one who are physically no longer with us.  From an early age I was gifted with the presence of spirit, speaking with my uncle who had passed as a baby, knowing he was in the cupboard.  It wasn’t until years later my mother told me of his passing and that he had been kept in the cupboard at home until it was time to bury him.

Some psychic mediums are more naturally gifted than others and some will spend years fine tuning their craft, however we all possess the ability to know when spirit is near.  We just need to heighten our awareness and trust in what we see or hear.  It also helps to know the common ways our loved ones contact us and let their presence be known.

Loved ones will come to visit particularly in times when we are in need or when we have a strong desire to see them again.  They come to remind us that we are still loved and supported by them and to comfort us in times of need.

AngelSpirit likes to let us know that they see and hear everything and will find ways to let us know when they are happy or unhappy with our life choices.  Most importantly though they look over and care for us, noting in the spirit world they are now able to maneuver and protect us in ways they couldn’t on the physical plane.

Common ways spirit communicates with us:

  •  They affect electrical products
    Due to the higher vibration of spirits energy field they tend to interfere with the functioning of electrical products.  Items which were working perfectly may start going haywire, switching on and off, jumping or freezing.  Light bulbs may start flickering and for no apparent reason blow, even after you’ve just replaced it.

Often during a reading or healing with a client my CD player will start to play up, despite working perfectly prior to their arrival.  It will skip tracks, freeze and then start playing again before jumping within a track.  Once I acknowledge that a loved one or spirit guide is near it usually starts working perfectly again.

  •  They enter our dreams
    A client starting seeing her mother in her dreams, her mother telling her that she was still alive.  Distraught at why this was happening I reminder her that she had been asking her mother to show herself to her… and her mother was, via her dream state, letting her know she was still here.

Due to the emotional intensity that can occur when a loved one comes close to our energy field it can be easier for those in spirit and the person they are visiting if they come to during the sleeping hours.  Thus entering our dreams to give their messages, stand over and watch us or sit with us to give us their messages and guidance.

  • They use aromas
    Our sense of smell is the first sense to develop and due to how aromas are processed in the brain, create strong associations and memories.  Therefore one whiff can tap into a bank of memories. Also most people have a particular smell, whether it be perfume or aftershave, cigarettes, cleaning products, flowers or body odour.

My grandfather and uncle often let me know when they are around by using the smell of cigarettes.  Both ex-British Navy men, keen smokers and pranksters they know I dislike the smell, however it is their distinctive way of heightening my awareness and letting me know they are near.

  • They move objects
    Have you ever searched for an object knowing for certain you had put it in a specific spot only to find it is not there.  Continued to look all around, usually several times to no avail, only to find the object in a random place or even in the place you were sure you had left it?  This is just another way your loved ones are trying to get your attention.

They will also use other objects such as photos or pictures to get  your attention, by making them fall over or even fall off a wall.  If you have not been listening or acknowledging their presence with subtle means, they may use such tactics to jolt you into awareness.

  • They use signs, coincidences or synchronicity 
    Spirit likes to place things, situations or people in our path that were significant to them or are significant to us.  They will use their energy to maneuver and make things happen, things which may seem coincidental.  Such as a song on the radio or you keep noticing their favourite flowers or you keep seeing the same thing over and over again, such as a butterfly.

Spirit often lets me know they are around and supporting me by place $0.05 pieces in my pathway.  I have, on occasion, tested Spirit by asking them to place $0.05 in my pathway which they have indulged me and done as such.


  • You see flickers of light
    When loved ones pass over they transcend their physical form to become a light being, vibrating and moving at the same frequency as light and sound.  Thus you may see a glimpse of light, a flicker, something you might easily pass off as your eyes playing games on you, yet it is  your loved one moving so quickly you see their vibration rather than their earth form.

These methods of communication by spirit are incredibly common and are often happening without us giving them a second thought.  The more you are present and open to the subtle meaning of such incidents as well as trusting in them, you too will be able to communicate with  your loved ones.




Boundaries – Ultimate self love and worth

There was a time when I wouldn’t speak up for myself.  I didn’t know what my boundaries were yet alone reinforce them to another.  It didn’t matter whether this was a work, in friendships or relationships.

Looking back I was really concerned with what others though about me.  Therefore I was giving away my power away to them, which meant I was dis-valuing myself.

Because I sought acceptance from others, I accepted any behaviour and in most instances it left me being really upset with myself.  I also found myself resenting people and felt at discord with them.

What are boundaries?

Boundaries are the perimeter or threshold which you have, and/or need to have, with regards what you do and don’t accept from others.  It is the point at which you feel empowered, joyful, at peace and in alignment with your true self.

As boundaries are fundamentally what is and isn’t ok for us, they will differ for each person.  As long as your boundaries do not purposefully hurt another, they can never be right or wrong.

Boundaries determine:

  • the degree in which we will allow someone into our personal space, physically, emotionally and spiritually;
  • the nature of treatment and behaviour that we find acceptable and appropriate;
  • what we allow or disallow;
  • whether we are giving our power and energy to another; and
  • how loving we treat ourselves and how loving we can be towards others.

What makes it difficult for people to communicate their boundaries is because they don’t want to offend or upset the other person, preferably upsetting them self. Dr John Demartini, a modern day philosopher, calls this the Law of Lesser Pissers – who would you prefer to piss off, yourself or another?

Most people allow themselves to be pissed off because they are seeking approval.  It is senseless how we will readily upset our own being, allow our self to feel taken advantage of, to be offended or even angry, rather than the possibility of maybe offending another.  Noting the word possibility.

Too often people think that by not saying no, or telling another that their behaviour is upsetting them, is being loving to that person, however it isn’t.  Because it results in resentment.  Alternatively setting boundaries is the act of treating yourself with love and respect, as well as treat others with love and respect.

When we set boundaries let the other person know our threshold.  When they know what the our boundaries are it means they now know the limits of what they need to meet and thus how much they also need to give and contribute.

Your willingness to communicate and reinforce your boundaries is also equal to the value you put on yourself.  When you have a lack of self worth then you will fail to convey what is ok with you (or perhaps not ok).  You are unconsciously giving others permission to reinforce your lack of self worth.

It is important to note here that often we treat others through our own boundaries, i.e. of what we consider to be appropriate. Therefore at times some people don’t realising they are overstepping the mark, which reinforces the importance that we communicate what IS appropriate for us, as it helps another to have awareness of our boundaries.

It is my belief that when we speak from a positive heart space we cannot go wrong and if what is said is done with the right intentions then it is a positive learning opportunity for both parties.

Noting in the instance we say something (with the right intention and in the right way), and the other person gets upset then it is more than likely they have an issue which is coming up to give them an opportunity to own and dissipate.

Clarifying your boundaries

If you are not clear about our boundaries, then others cannot be either.  You need to know your boundaries and honour them, in turn valuing your self.  You also need to know which of your boundaries are not negotiable and which ones you are willing to bend & to what degree.

To clarify your boundaries, ask yourself:

  1. What is ok for me?  What is not ok for me?
  2. What have been the situations that left me feeling resentful?
  3. Where have I said “no” and I didn’t, which left me upset with myself.

This observation can be taken externally to others. Know most people are working on their ability to voice their needs, which means many people don’t stipulate their boundaries.  The more that you express your own, you give them permission to do so.  Also when you seek to know if you have crossed their boundaries, you encourage them to voice them.

To tell when you have crossed another’s boundaries be aware of their subtleties, such as when they withdraw or go quiet.  Perhaps they have a rush of emotion, or their face changes colour i.e. reddens.

Implement boundaries is a process

If you have spent a lifetime of not knowing, stating or reinforcing your boundaries then this new habit and way of being is going to be like building a muscle, so start small.   For example if you are asked where you want to go for dinner don’t say “I don’t mind, you choose”.  Make the choice stipulate where you want to go for dinner.

Remind yourself the reason you are implementing your boundaries.  Because it is:

  • a loving thing to do for yourself and others
  • the only way to create connections with yourself as well as others
  • allowing yourself to be known by others in a loving and respectful way.

Know that, as with any process or new habit, you may slip into the old habits and allow your boundaries to be crossed.   Use this as a learning opportunity and understand the reasons so that you can make change.

If you are having challenges with allowing yourself to be known then perhaps a kinesiology session would be ideal for you.  You can make an appointment with us via:  http://www.theinnersageaustralia.com/appointments/


Good Vibration!

I find it fascinating how I can be focussing on one article only to end up writing about another!  Although that IS how in-spirit-ation works!  This post commenced by composing a blog about what it means to live our beliefs.  To walk our talk, only to find what I was drawn to writing about our vibration.  The resonance that our energy is reverberating at and what it attracts.

All matter is made up of energy, vibrating at different levels of frequency thereby determining the density and formation of that energy, including the human form.
It has been well documented that we are energy beings. From a Western & scientific perspective we only need to look at the cellular actions within our physical body to see that energy is constantly being created and used.

People often speak of their vitality in degrees of energy, whether they have high or low energy on a particular day. A more common example is how people admire children and their boundless levels of energy, wishing they had the same.

Eastern philosophies also teach that we also have energy fields, called auras or spiritual bodies, that surround and interact with our physical form. A simplist
ic overview of the purpose of the auras is that it contains our life force energy as well as absorb the energies of what we expose ourselves to thereby affecting our physical body as well as our energy levels.

What affects our vibration?

Together our physical and spiritual bodies create our vibration which we can directly influence our own thoughts, words and actions. Yet too as everything that surround us is made up of energy it too has a vibration, which when we expose ourselves to will Hand Vibrationshave an affect on our vibration.

Such things include:

  • people;
  • situations;
  • food;
  • beverages;
  • substances;
  • music & TV shows

When our vibration has a higher frequency we are more positive, happier, energetic and have a better sense of physical well being. The opposite happens when we vibrate at a lower frequency.

All energy it is in constant motion and therefore is constantly being nourished., so no matter what frequency we are vibrating at we can affect and change it.

Whilst we generally can from within at what level we are vibrating at, our external world is also a great indicator as it is often a reflection of our inner world.

When our vibration is low we will attract negative people, situations and events. We are likely to eat and drink substances that keep us in that frequency (high processed, high sugar foods, alcohol, sweet drinks).

When we have and work to maintain a high vibration we attract like minded people who help keep us there. We find that those “friendship” that properly didn’t have our best intentions in mind will either cool off or end.

We may find that we change our workplace, or events happen to make us change our workplace.

We find ourselves drawn to &/or our body craves foods and substances that are whole and “live”.

Our higher vibration / energy will want to be fed with positive matter, so we may no longer watch as much TV, instead reading inspiration books. We listen to music with meaning that uplifts us.

The first step to any change is awareness, then commitment. Yet too to give the change you want a chance of becoming a habit, create pain to whatever you are “giving” up and pleasure to what you are replacing it with.

Be the change you want & good luck!