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Creating and manifesting by nature

Nearly every second post or article I seem to see at the moment relates to manifesting or abundance, it’s kind of like reading about goals in the ’80’s.  Which means it too has the risk of overexposure and the key message / tool being lost.

In being drawn to and reading about Celtic spirituality its occurred to me that the keys to creating what you desire is an equation which was discovered long ago and well before the topic of manifesting became popular.

Yet before we discuss the actual equation it is important to understand how your patterns contribute to what you are creating, as it is your nature – our inherent qualities – which contribute greatly to this.

Patterns are naturally found in many aspects of life; in nature, our bodies, the cosmos.   The meaning of pattern is:  a regular and intelligible form or sequence discernible in the way in which something happens or is done.

The word pattern derives from the Medieval Latin word ‘patronus’.  A word and concept made popular in the Harry Potter series and means “Protector”.  If we go further into the origin of the word we find ‘pater’ which means “one who advances the cause”.

So fundamentally your patterns are the way in which you do things to protect yourself and to advance your own needs and wants.  You will have positive patterns as well as negative ones.  The word positive derives from ‘positus’ meaning  ‘to put / to place’ and negative derivation is  ‘that which denies’.

The components of your patterns are attributes such as beliefs, values, rules, goals and their driving force.   These components are what you use to decide on what data you keep and dismiss, they are also what will determine your behaviours and actions.

To determine whether your patterns are working for or against you, pay close attention to what is going on around you.  What have you are or are you attracting into your life?  Whether positive or negative consider what is it you are commonly doing that works for you as well as doesn’t.

The ancient Celts used the formula of the Three Eyes of Kerridwen to create what they desired, in their time it was referred to magic, yet now days we call it manifestation.  The three factors are:

  1. Expectation;
  2. Desire; and
  3. Merging.


Your expectation is what you desire and want.  When clarifying your expectation it needs to be specific however it also needs to be succinct.  Which means you only include aspects that are important.


Desire can be likened to our intention, the drive or reason that behind what our expectation is.  The ecology of your desire is important; is it in your best interests; is it in the best interests of another and is it in the best interests of the Universe.  Your desire needs to be healthy and driven from a heart space which raises your vibration and enriches your life.


When you merge, you hand over your expectation to the Universe and be one with it.  You connect with the divine light to expand your consciousness and understand that you are boundless and that ALL is possible.

To be one with your expectation means that you have absolute trust and faith that what you want already exists and that it is on its way to you.  You allow synchronicity to happen.

When you doubt, have fears, or indecision you are sending the Universe in-congruent messages and start manifesting to match that fear, doubt and indecision.  To help raise above this use your breathe to expand your consciousness.  I was once told that Fear + Breath = Excitement, it’s a beautiful equation I use often.

The success of manifesting is dependant on how clear you are with your expectation; the intensity and richness of your desire and the congruency of your merge.

One of the main philosophies of the ancient Celts is the concept of oneness.  That when we are one with nature, and the Universe, we connect to with all that authentically are, our own divinity.   It is this connection which enables us to raise our vibration in order transform ideas into experience.

We experience oneness by just simply being….being one with the cycles of nature and allowing.

If you desire to connect more so with your oneness and to raise your energy and vibration then you may want to consider kinesiology.  To learn more about kinesiology either read our articles or visit:  www.theinnersageaustralia.com