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Calling your spirit back

Calling your Spirit back

The concept of calling your Spirit back is explained divinely with a story that Caroline Myss shares in her book, “Anatomy of the Spirit” about David Chetlahe Paladin, a Navajo Indian who grew up on a reservation in the 1920’s and ’30’s.

The loss of David’s spirit began at age eleven which saw him become an alcoholic, then in his mid-teens he would leave the reservation to drift and wander until he got a job on a merchant marine ship.  It was on this ship that David befriended a young German man as well as another Native American.

The young men worked and travelled together throughout the Pacific Ocean and to keep himself entertained David took up drawing, often sketching bunkers that the Japanese were building on various Pacific Islands in 1941.

David’s drawings, including those of the Japanese bunkers, found their way into the hands of the American military and he was drafted into military service.  David assumed he skills as an artist would be utilised however instead he was assigned to be a part of a secret operation which would see him, as well as other Native Americans, become spy’s.

As radio transmissions had the possibility of being intercepted, the American Army devised a plan to use Native Americans, for their native language, as a means to guarantee that transmissions could not be interpreted.

It was while David was behind enemy lines, that he would be caught by the Nazi’s.  They tortured him in many ways, including nailing his feet to the floor and then forcing him to stand for days on end.

David survived the torture and was sent for execution by genocide because he was considered a “lesser race”.  While being shoved into a train carriage for his journey, he felt a rifle being pushed into his ribs, he turned to face the solder who turned out to be his German friend from the merchant ship.

David’s friend orchestrated for him to change trains and be sent to a prisoner of war camp instead, where David would see out the remainder of the war.  When the camps would be liberated, David was found by American soldiers unconscious and dying.   He was transported to a military hospital in the United States where he would remain in a coma for two and half years.

When David finally came out of the coma, his body was so weak he could not walk without assistance.   David decided that he would enter a veteran’s hospital and see out the rest of his life, yet before he did that he would return to his reservation to say goodbye to his people.

When David returned to the reservation, he friends and family were in shock at the state of him.  So horrified they convened to discus how they could help him.  The reservation elders approached David, took off his leg braces, tied a rope to his waist and through him into a deep river.  They commanded “David, call your spirit back, Your spirit is no longer in your body. If you can’t call your spirit back, we will let you go. No one can live without his spirit. Your spirit is your power.”

David would tell Caroline that calling his spirit back was the most difficult tasks he ever had to undertake.  “It was more difficult than enduring having my feet nailed to the floor. I saw the faces of those Nazi soldiers. I lived through all those months in the prison camp. I knew that I had to release my anger and hatred. I could barely keep myself from drowning, but I prayed to let the anger out of my body. That’s all I prayed, and my prayers were answered.”

David would fully recovered including the full use of his legs.  He would become a shaman healer, Christian minister and very talented artist before passing away in 1986.

David’s story reminds us of how experiences can drain our life force and capture our spirit.  Yet more importantly that we can transcend any situation to call back the energy which has been taken from us.

Experiences that capture our spirit don’t have to be as traumatic as David’s, they can be divorce or separation from someone we loved, jealousy of others, negativity, grieving the loss of a person, place or thing, major transitions or rejection of a part of ourselves.

We can also give our spirit away when we make someone or something more important than ourselves, it is any situation which leaves you less than who you are meant to be.

Ways to Call back your spirit

With whatever method you choose, it is important to make this a ritualistic exercise, therefore set aside an appropriate amount of time where you won’t be interrupted or rushed.  Create a sacred space in whatever way it makes it inviting, safe and special for you.  Some ideas are to light candles, sage the room or burn incense, use essential oils, music or drumming and perhaps crystals.

Meditation with visualisation
Get yourself into a comfortable position which you can easily hold for an amount of time.  Bring  your focus to your breathe, breathing in for a count of 4, holding for a count of 7 and exhaling for a count of 8.  Allowing any thoughts to just be, giving them permission to present and then just be, not adding to them or exploring them.

Feeling yourself relax, letting go and being in the moment.  Now set your intention for the meditation, for all parts of your spirit which have been left with other people, in other places, in other times, at events to return for you to be 100% restored and revitalised right now.

Envisage a pulsating ball of cleansing energy surrounding you, once which surrounds your physical body covering your head and connecting below your feet, one which also extends from your physical body to extend to encompass all your energy fields..

As you feel, see or hear your intention being acted upon now visualise (or feel) the energy which you have left with others being returned to you and as it does being cleansed passing through the cleansing ball of energy you have set around you, ensuring that only your energy returns to you and any residue from others is removed.

As you see or feel the stream of your light energy return to you feel your energy levels increasing, feel your inner strength return and a sense of being 100% home within  yourself.

Take a moment to soak in this energy, to let your returned energy reverberate and immerse so you are fully bonded.  When you are ready slowly come back to the room, raising your awareness to the noises that surround you, wriggling your fingers and toes, feeling the floor around you.

Ask God, the Universe, Budda or whomever you believe in or pray (speak) to and ask for their assistance in returning your energy, which has been left in other places, time, events or with people to return to you.

Be 100% confident that your prayers will be heard and that the action will be taken to assist in what is yours, being returned to you.

Commanding your energy to report is similar to yet stronger than a prayer, as you are not relying on external support yet rather authoritatively directing your energy to return.

State out loud “I call back my spirit.  I command all fragments of my spirit left in other places, times and dimension or with other people and events to return to me right now.  As those parts of my spirit integrate in my being, they are cleansed and revitalised, invigorating and renewing my spirit as a whole”

In the times that I have found the need to call back my own spirit, I have felt a shift in my energy and a return of inner strength.  It has enabled me to let go of matters that were playing in my head and that were lowering my vibration.

Calling back your spirit is a beautiful, simple yet compelling way to transcend your pain and to connect with the grace of true empowerment.

Signs a departed loved one is near

As a psychic medium I was born with the gift of being able to speak with and see loved one who are physically no longer with us.  From an early age I was gifted with the presence of spirit, speaking with my uncle who had passed as a baby, knowing he was in the cupboard.  It wasn’t until years later my mother told me of his passing and that he had been kept in the cupboard at home until it was time to bury him.

Some psychic mediums are more naturally gifted than others and some will spend years fine tuning their craft, however we all possess the ability to know when spirit is near.  We just need to heighten our awareness and trust in what we see or hear.  It also helps to know the common ways our loved ones contact us and let their presence be known.

Loved ones will come to visit particularly in times when we are in need or when we have a strong desire to see them again.  They come to remind us that we are still loved and supported by them and to comfort us in times of need.

AngelSpirit likes to let us know that they see and hear everything and will find ways to let us know when they are happy or unhappy with our life choices.  Most importantly though they look over and care for us, noting in the spirit world they are now able to maneuver and protect us in ways they couldn’t on the physical plane.

Common ways spirit communicates with us:

  •  They affect electrical products
    Due to the higher vibration of spirits energy field they tend to interfere with the functioning of electrical products.  Items which were working perfectly may start going haywire, switching on and off, jumping or freezing.  Light bulbs may start flickering and for no apparent reason blow, even after you’ve just replaced it.

Often during a reading or healing with a client my CD player will start to play up, despite working perfectly prior to their arrival.  It will skip tracks, freeze and then start playing again before jumping within a track.  Once I acknowledge that a loved one or spirit guide is near it usually starts working perfectly again.

  •  They enter our dreams
    A client starting seeing her mother in her dreams, her mother telling her that she was still alive.  Distraught at why this was happening I reminder her that she had been asking her mother to show herself to her… and her mother was, via her dream state, letting her know she was still here.

Due to the emotional intensity that can occur when a loved one comes close to our energy field it can be easier for those in spirit and the person they are visiting if they come to during the sleeping hours.  Thus entering our dreams to give their messages, stand over and watch us or sit with us to give us their messages and guidance.

  • They use aromas
    Our sense of smell is the first sense to develop and due to how aromas are processed in the brain, create strong associations and memories.  Therefore one whiff can tap into a bank of memories. Also most people have a particular smell, whether it be perfume or aftershave, cigarettes, cleaning products, flowers or body odour.

My grandfather and uncle often let me know when they are around by using the smell of cigarettes.  Both ex-British Navy men, keen smokers and pranksters they know I dislike the smell, however it is their distinctive way of heightening my awareness and letting me know they are near.

  • They move objects
    Have you ever searched for an object knowing for certain you had put it in a specific spot only to find it is not there.  Continued to look all around, usually several times to no avail, only to find the object in a random place or even in the place you were sure you had left it?  This is just another way your loved ones are trying to get your attention.

They will also use other objects such as photos or pictures to get  your attention, by making them fall over or even fall off a wall.  If you have not been listening or acknowledging their presence with subtle means, they may use such tactics to jolt you into awareness.

  • They use signs, coincidences or synchronicity 
    Spirit likes to place things, situations or people in our path that were significant to them or are significant to us.  They will use their energy to maneuver and make things happen, things which may seem coincidental.  Such as a song on the radio or you keep noticing their favourite flowers or you keep seeing the same thing over and over again, such as a butterfly.

Spirit often lets me know they are around and supporting me by place $0.05 pieces in my pathway.  I have, on occasion, tested Spirit by asking them to place $0.05 in my pathway which they have indulged me and done as such.


  • You see flickers of light
    When loved ones pass over they transcend their physical form to become a light being, vibrating and moving at the same frequency as light and sound.  Thus you may see a glimpse of light, a flicker, something you might easily pass off as your eyes playing games on you, yet it is  your loved one moving so quickly you see their vibration rather than their earth form.

These methods of communication by spirit are incredibly common and are often happening without us giving them a second thought.  The more you are present and open to the subtle meaning of such incidents as well as trusting in them, you too will be able to communicate with  your loved ones.