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Kinesiology ~ it could be for you!

Many years ago I started my business doing Life Coaching….and I loved it!  Many of my clients made massive change in their life yet others, whilst they made some changes, would sabotage this change and keep repeating the patterns.

It was only until I studied Kinesiology that I came to understand that life coaching is only one dimensional.  As in it only works with the mind however human being are three dimensional, mind, body and spirit.  So whilst working the mind will help, if the body and spirit aren’t in alignment then change is only temporary.

What I love about kinesiology is that it is three dimensional and thus truly holistic.  Within a session all three dimensions of a being are being balanced.

The main focus / area I use kinesiology is with clients who don’t have a healthy “self” relationship.  i.e. they lack self confidence, self esteem, self belief, self respect.  Our self relationship is the most important relationship we can have as our external world is a reflection of our internal one.  So if you are attracting toxic relationships it is likely your self relationship is unhealthy.

Many of my clients respond yes to one or more of the following questions:

  • Do you interact (treat and/or speak) with yourself negatively?
  • Do you seek external validation?
  • Lack healthy boundaries?
  • Question and/or doubt your self?
  • Have negative beliefs, lack self worth and confidence?
  • Perhaps feeling fearful and anxious?
  • Attracting and/or not letting go of toxic relationships, friendships, environments?
  • Stuck in the past and not moving forward?
  • Maybe loosing your self within relationships.
  • Lacking or loosing your energy, vitality and spark for life?

Demystifying kinesiology

Kinesiology is an energy based healing modality with strong roots in both Eastern philosophies, such as Chinese meridian system, as well as the Western study of Anatomy and Physiology.  The word Kinesiology derives from the Greek word “kinesis” meaning movement and “kinein” meaning to move.  Therefore kinesiology could be seen as the science or branch of knowledge related to movement.

Using muscle testing, kinesiologists are able to obtain information from your body;muscle testing information which indicates where a stress or block could be in your body as well as the possibly origin of such stress.

Kinesiologists also believe that your body has its own innate healing ability and thus any work they do is working to balance and empower your body to connect with this ability.

A kinesiologist has a tool bag of varying techniques referred to as corrections, which are used to bring your body back into alignment and balance, thus addressing the energy blockages identified.

What happens at a session?

Based on the goal you have set with the kinesiologist for the session, varying correction techniques will be used.  These are mix of tried and proven energy based techniques and may include:

  • Gently holding or massage acupressure points
  • Tracing one or several meridian pathway/s
  • Use of Resonate or other Essences
  • Hydration techniques
  • Clearing of sabotage patterns
  • Chakra balancing
  • Energy and colour work
  • Visualisation and meditative work
  • Challenging perceptions and beliefs

What occurs during a consultation?

At your first session, your Kinesiologist will review your history to determine where you are in life and what you are experiencing, then help you determine where it is you want to be and what  you want to achieve, which becomes the goal for your session.

The kinesiologist will, using muscle testing, ensure your body is clear to communicate, as well as strong enough to access your innate healing ability, correcting where needed.

They will then determine, via your body, imbalances or stresses that stop you from achieving your defined goal, applying the correction technique required to remove such blocks and create more options for you to achieve your goal.

Depending on what you are working on, it can take a number of session before benefits are observed, however some clients may achieve immediate results.

What can Kinesiology be used for?

Kinesiology does not treat, diagnose or prescribe, what we do is balance your energy system to be in alignment with what you want to achieve.  Kinesiology has achieved results with people wanting to:

  • Be confident, self belief and self worth
  • Trust in their decisions and take action
  • Value them self and have healthy boundaries
  • Let go of toxic relationships and environments
  • Alleviate anxiety and stress ~ physical, emotional or mental
  • Increase their energy, vitality and feeling happy
  • Overcoming fears and past traumas
  • Provide support regarding major change/s
  • Releasing blocked potential and enhancing performance ~ school, work, sport
  • Increase brain function, learning and comprehension
  • Refining and boosting creative flow
  • Helping sleep routines & being well rested
  • Aiding with recovery from Injury
  • Easing pain issues (incl headaches & migraines)
  • Achieve weight goals

Ultimately the best way to determine whether kinesiology is right for you is to actually try it!   We have an introductory 1.5hr session for only $100.  To schedule an appointment contact us on 0407 696 454 or visit http://www.theinnersageaustralia.com/appointment-randwick/


Spiritual Flu

Are you suffering from a Spiritual Flu?

The spiritual flu, also known as flukey flu or vibrational flu, is a result of what can happen when we go through an energy shift and the increase in Chi (energy) results in a clearing of toxins which have been held in our cells and energy channels.

Similar to when it rains heavily and the current of a river increases, the resulting rush of water clears debris in its path, so too when an addition of energy occurs in our body; the rush of energy will clear any blocks being held in the cells and meridians.

Such clearing results in detoxification, which our bodies are naturally designed for. On a daily basis several of our internal systems work to neutralise and eliminate toxins, which is matter that doesn’t serve our body.   For example, our lungs expel carbon dioxide, our digestive system releases waste product, our kidneys secrete and filter toxins out of the blood and the liver transforms the chemical nature of many toxins.

Toxins enter our cells and meridians two ways;

  • External environment
    Such as the air we breathe, the products we put on our skin, the food or drink we consume, the chemical products we use, what we read or watch and via toxic actions (smoking, working too much, not getting outside).
  • Internal environment
    For instance negative beliefs, thoughts and words we say to or about ourself, stress and negative emotions.  As well as toxic behaviours such as being judgemental, getting caught up in drama and speaking ill of others.

Whilst our body is designed to naturally detoxify, and will do so, at times the output cannot keep up with the input, so the detox processes become overburden which results in our body holding onto such matter.

An energy shift will occur any time our vibration is raised.  Either via conscious work we undertake, for example if we have a kinesiology balance, forensic healing, massage or reiki; or they occur unconsciously due to an emotional upheaval, changes in collective consciousness, major planetary alignments / retrogrades or unseen forces (such as angels, spirit guides).

In order for our vibration to shift, either consciously or unconsciously, a flood of energy enters are system and causes toxic matter to move and release.  The greater the backlog of toxins the more intense the release and it is this which can cause spiritual flu.

Whilst spiritual flu has very similar symptoms to a normal flu, it differs in that the symptoms are superficial, so generally despite their physical manifestations a person feels well.  Although in my experience the spiritual flu usually leaves a person feeling quite tired, noting that sleep aids to boost our immune system and deep sleep is also thought to be when a person processes their emotions and memories.

During a spiritual flu, it is important to support your physical and energy bodies, otherwise the symptoms can worsen and become more substantial.  Things you can do are:

  • Drink lots of water, particularly with lemon
  • Take supplements, specifically vitamin C and B
  • Use natural products, such as essential oils
  • Sit in the sunshine
  • Journal
  • Meditation
  • Stimulate the lymphatic system (massage, walking, skipping)
  • Rest and where possible, sleep!

It is important to give yourself time out to process and appreciate the hidden gift in your spiritual flu, which is a transition to a more aligned you!

In most instances symptoms will last for three to five days, however sometimes due to a number of blocks there can be a damming effect.  If symptoms aren’t shifting after three days I suggest undertaking additional energy work and/or stimulating your lymphatic system.  If symptoms worsen or if you are concerned please see your medical practitioner.

If you need support in shifting your energy then please call us for an appointment:  http://www.theinnersageaustralia.com/appointment/

Detoxing as per the triad of health

Detoxing, it’s not just for your body

Detoxification is a natural process the body undertakes to neutalise, transform or eliminate unwanted material or toxins.  When we mindfully detoxing we are aiding this natural process by minimising our exposure to unhelpful material and toxins as well as increasing our exposure to matter that will enhance or boost the process.

The purpose of detoxing is to strengthen our natural systems, helping their efficiency, creating balance which also aids to increase our energy levels.

For optimal health and well being though, the physical detoxing is only one side of the equation, as show via the triad of health model, which was created, based on Chinese philosophies, by Dr. George Goodheart who founded applied kinesiology.

For ideal health and well being, all aspects of the triad of health are considered equally important.  The triad being:  structural / physical,   emotional / mental   and   chemical / nutritional.

When one side of the equation is under strain and becomes imbalanced, it causes stress on the other aspects of the triad.  For example a person who is under pressure to meet deadlines, or have considerable responsibilities may find themselves mentally exhausted and short tempered, which often results in physical tension usually that in the shoulders and such stresses can cause the release of chemicals, such as adrenaline or cortisol, within the body.

This also can result in a misinterpretation of the impact, for example whilst the person may be experiencing physical symptoms it could be another aspect of the triad which is the cause.  Therefore if only detoxing the physical aspect, a person could be missing out on key elements which are causing toxins or unwanted side affects.

So let’s consider detoxing from the perspective of the triad of health.

nutritionChemical / Nutritional
Food and Fluids
We know that certain foods and fluids we digest are not good for us and add to the toxic load.  However nutrition is not just the type of food or fluids you put in your body, it is also the quality of those products.  For example Farmers Markets produce is likely to have more nutrients than those which have been placed in storage before sale.

Also these days some products are grown in nutrient poor soil, so its ideal to also take a plant based supplement to ensure your body is receiving the core vitamins and minerals it needs to function effectively and well as enhance and aid the natural detoxing process.

A major toxic overload for many is sugary foods.  So cutting out sugary foods is ideal, noting that there are many products with hidden sugars, so read your labels.  Also some sugars are better than others, yet they still are all sugar at the end of the day.

Our body thrives on “live food”,  so the more uncooked and unprocessed vegetables and fruits you can eat, the more your body will respond favourably.  Yet too it has been my experience the more naturally I eat, the less I crave sugar.

Today with over 100,000 synthetic chemicals in the marketplace, which are found in almost every off the shelf, non organic products, most things in your home could be adding to your toxic load.  However the upside is that there are also now days many organic or nature based alternatives, so making better choices can help your health and well being.

Also with the internet it is easy to access information so if you wanted to you can make your own natural alternatives which can be cost effective.  I recently discovered the empowering solutions of essential oils.  In my opinion not only are they effective, yet they also smell divine.  For example I have found that using a few drops of peppermint oil with lemongrass oil has deterred cockroaches yet also left my cupboards smelling heavenly.

Detox LifeEmotional / Mental
Whether it be on a mental or emotional level take stock of what is causing you stress (people, places, things) and either eliminate it or if that isn’t an option find a way to improve the situation so you are not affected by it.

For the latter option, consider Kinesiology.  I’ve had many clients where elimination of the stressful situation wasn’t an option, so they used Kinesiology to strengthen their inner self in order for the situation to no longer affect them.

Words, Thoughts, Beliefs
Each word or thought creates a neurological response in our body in which our cells are receptors for, which means what we think or say can add to or create a toxic environment.

We can often be our own worst enemy simply by the negative terminology we use, limiting beliefs we hold onto and the ineffective things we say to ourselves or even think.   Mostly of which people are not even aware they are doing.

First step is to increase or become aware of how your state things, what words you are using, what you believe which is restricting you and holding you back.  What comments, even in jest, do you say to yourself or about yourself (aloud or silently) and others.

The next step when you hear such negativity is to stop yourself and change what you are saying or thinking, turning it into a more effective and positive statement.

We don’t suggest people to become Pollyanna’s however stating “I feel awful” v’s “I feel a little less than great” helps the unconscious mind to find ways to feel great rather than keep feeling awful.

There are many techniques to support changing beliefs and one suggestion is to write down your belief, next scribe all the references that you have to support that belief as being true.  Which of those are perceptions and which of those are true.

Next pen the references which you have to support that an opposite and supportive belief is true.    Get as many references as you can, use other people or situations as examples.

Now consider the cost, right now and in the future, of allowing that negative belief to continue to have a hold over you.  Write them down, keep finding as many as you can, expanding on those you have already noted because when we find enough costs and create enough pain around the negative believe we will embed a reason to let that belief go.

yogaStructural / Physical
Whilst we have somewhat touched on this area within the previous two areas, there still are additional situations for consideration.  Noting structural / physical typically relates to your physical body yet can also relate to other forms.

Whether we are or aren’t doing exercise can have a major impact on our structure and physical body.  Exercise aids the lymphatic system which is crucial in the detoxing process,  so no exercise may result in a sluggish lymphatic system.

Yet too even if we are doing an exercise which we enjoy it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best for us.  Extreme training, high intensity training or over training may cause a number of biochemical responses which could result in serious damage to one’s health, both the short and long term.

The key is to find the medium (as in type of exercise and amount of) which your body responds healthily.

Sleep Deprivation
When you consider that sleep deprivation was a form of torture, lack of sleep can have a major impact on our health and well being.  There can be either internal or external factors which are impacting sleep, consider what these are for you and then seek natural solutions.

The physical environment in which place ourselves, whether this be our workplace, home or even where we socialise can play havoc with our health and well being.  It could be a toxic environment due to the personalities that also “inhabit” there, or perhaps due to the building is unhealthy (mould, air conditioning, no natural light).

If any of these environments are less than healthy for you (and that can be for a myriad of reasons), then it is time to consider applying neutralisation, transformation or elimination to that environment.

Material things, such as books, clothes, magazines, paperwork, furniture, can create or add to clutter.  Many people hold onto things, some of which may have never been referenced to and add little value.  Or things which hold connections to the past and are a subconscious reminder of a time, person, place which undermines our now.

“Spring” clean regularly, if it doesn’t serve  your or you won’t use it then perhaps it is time to let it go.

Considering the purpose of detoxing, as well as the triad of health, it is easy to see that when detoxing its much more than our physical body.  There are many ways to help strengthen our natural systems and to create efficiency and balance.

Any change at first can be less than easy, however small and gradual changes are the key.  Ultimately when you start seeing and feeling the benefits you’ll appreciate the process you’ve undertaken.